Trade Show Booths

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Tension Fabric Display Systems

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10ft Display Pop Up Systems

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Modular Display Systems
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Trade Show Booths

Airborne Visuals offers a variety of custom printed & portable trade show booth displays designed to enhance your company's presence at a trade show. Our company provides trade show booths at highly competitive prices, easy to set up and eye catching display which will present your company and products. Choose from our large selection of modular trade show booths, pop up booths, truss exhibit booths and tension fabric booths.

See our trade show booth specifications, below, for common booth configurations including height restrictions.

Discover also our trade show booth accessories:

- Our trade show booth light boxes
- Our trade show poster stands
- Our trade show flooring
- Our trade show counters
- Our trade show brochure holders

Truss Booths

Easy to assemble and transport, the trade show truss booth is the best solution to have a modern and eye catching booth that looks custom made for a fraction of the cost. Display your graphics and products in a variety of sophisticated ways with our 10'x10', 10'x20' and 20'x20' trade show truss booths. Discover the large selection of truss booths offered by Airborne Visuals to fit your expectations, needs and budget!

Tradeshow Panoramic

100% of the surface is dedicated to your message…Tradeshow Panoramics are a revolutionary modular* exhibit system which features a seamless fabric graphic that completely covers the display structure. Because your message is uninterrupted, it is rendered more powerful.

Available for Purchase or Rental

Custom Booth

You really can't go wrong with a custom design tension fabric exhibit. Push the limits of traditional design with these amazingly lightweight and portable displays that scream unique!

Tahoe Twistlock Trade Show Modular Displays

A modular exhibit display with twist, the Tahoe Twistlock has been redesigned to be completely toolless. Replicated to keep the striking look of the Tahoe Classic, the Tahoe Twistlock is much easier to set up and 50% faster.

Tension Fabric Exhibit Booths

Discover the eye-catching designs of Airborne fabric exhibit booth solutions.

The versatility of lightweight aluminum tubing plus the style of custom-printed pillowcase fabric make these fabric booths perfect trade show displays for all your promotional and branding needs.

Pop Up Systems

A 10-ft Pop Up System is the most popular trade show booth system used by exhibitors for industry-standard in-line 10' x 10' booths (also for 10' x 20' and 20' x 20'). A cost-effective trade show exhibit display that you can ship via common carrier! Designed so you can easily erect your own pop up display, it only takes minutes to set up, or to collapse and repack in its shipping case. No need to hire a crew!

Xpressions Snap Booth

Xpressions Snap Booth is the ultimate in frame-graphic technology! Create a stunning 3-D display to increase your sales in a snap! Display frame is shipped with the fabric skins fully attached for set up in seconds. The portable, lightweight frame makes setup easy; no tools or event labor required. Now with a backlit panel option for even more versatility!

Flexible Backwall Display

Create stunning trade show displays with this tool-free modular system. The first portable display that can be effortlessly formed into any curved or straight shape, it is easily reconfigurable and reusable for any event.

Press Walls

Airborne's selection of large banner graphic displays is perfect for your step-and-repeat backwall needs at any trade show or a press event.

Tension Fabric Arches & Conference Walls

Add architecture and design to your trade show booth with organic tension fabric structures. Combine lightweight, sturdy aluminum tubes with state-of-the-art stretch fabric graphics for a unique custom environment.

Banner Stand Wall

This highly flexible and reusable wall is a perfect investment for changing occasions and locations, featuring variable shapes, customizable sizes and quick set up. Click through to see all the possibilities!

Curved Banner Display

This versatile trio of elegant L banner stands groups to create an 8' curved backwall with a clean, edge to edge display. Use grouped or separately for unique display options! Lightweight and portable display includes a sturdy carrying bag.

Trade Show Booth Specifications

The following trade show booth exhibit specifications are based on rules common to US convention centers and are intended as guidelines only. Exhibitors should always carefully review the information included in the exhibitor's manual for their specific venue or event. Equipment and product being displayed should not be placed in the booth in a manner which obstructs other exhibitors' displays. Any equipment or product scheduled for exhibiton, which could possibly cause a conflict or infraction, should be cleared and approved prior to your show date.

The price of an exhibit space generally includes back and side drape and a company identification sign. Exhibitors will usually not be permitted to purchase back-to-back booths and remove the separating back drape, but may be permitted purchase multiple booths in a row and remove the separating side rails.

>> View a sample of a venue's Trade Show Regulations.

Linear booth

Linear Trade Show Booth

10'x10' x 8' high
One side open to aisle (two if corner)
May back up to other booths or facility wall

Linear booths have one side exposed to an aisle and are generally arranged in a series along a straight line. They are also called "in-line" booths. This configuration also includes corner booths and perimeter booths.

Corner Trade Show Booth: A corner booth is a booth exposed to an aisle on two sides, or a booth without an adjacent exhibitor within 10'.

Perimeter Trade Show Booth: A perimeter booth is a linear booth that backs up to a wall of the exhibit facility rather than to another exhibit.

Dimensions: For purposes of consistency and ease of layout and/or reconfiguration, floor plan design in increments of 10' has become the de facto standard in the United States. Therefore, unless constricted by space or other limitations, linear booths are 10' deep, i.e. 10'x10'. A maximum back wall height limitation of 8' is allowed.

Use of space: Regardless of the number of linear booths utilized, (e.g. 10'x20', 10'x30', 10'x40', etc.) display materials should be arranged in such a manner so as not to obstruct sight lines of neighboring exhibitors. The maximum height of 8' is allowed only in the rear of the booth space, with a 4' height restriction imposed on all materials in the remaining space forward to the aisle. (Note: When three or more linear booths are used in combination as a single exhibit space, the 4' height limitation is applied only to that portion of exhibit space which is within 10' of an adjoining booth.)

Peninsula booth

Peninsula Trade Show Booth

20'x20' (or larger) x 12' high
Three sides open to aisle
Backs up to two linear booths

Split island peninsula booth

Split Island Trade Show Booth

20'x20' (or larger) x 12' high
Three sides open to aisle
Backs up to another peninsula booth

Island booth

Island Trade Show Booth

20'x20' (or larger) x 16' high
Four sides open to aisle
Entire cubic content may be used


Trade Show Booth Add-Ons

Decorative or functional
Height allowance determined by booth type
Additional fees may apply

Canopies & Ceilings
Canopies, including ceilings, umbrellas and canopy frames, should comply with height and line of sight requirements for the booth configuration being used. The base of the canopy should not be lower than 7' from the floor within 5' of any aisle. Canopy supports should be no wider than three inches.

Extended Booth Height
Extended height may be purchased for your space for an additional fee. Should your booth exceed the standard exhibit height and back up to another exhibitor's booth, you must "finish" the portion of your booth that extends beyond the standard exhibit height. You may be charged for adjustments made to unfinished portions of your booth in order to comply with this regulation.

Hanging Displays
Separate hanging sign permission is usually required and may incur an additional fee. Hanging signs are typically only allowed certain booth configurations, such as island and peninsula booths. Height is measured from the floor to the top of the hanging display and is subject to restrictions.

Trade Show Towers
A tower is a freestanding exhibit component separate from the main exhibit fixture that is used for identification display purposes only. Towers are subject to the same height restriction as applies to the rest of the booth configuration being used.

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