Draw attention and captivate your audience at a trade show, event, or in a permanent setting with these versatile Tower Displays for rent  from the Formulate line. Rented aluminum tube frames are coupled with purchased stretch, zipper pillowcase fabric graphics to create flowing, uniquely-shaped structures.   Mix and match to add dimension, decor and sculpture to your stage set, trade show booth or any interior space.

Square and round column, available in 12′, 10′ and 8′, combines the latest developments in fabric printed technology with a sturdy, lightweight aluminum tube frame.

Funnel tower, in 20′, 16′ and 12′ heights, features 3.5′ diameter, heavy duty, wooden base and silver powder coated truss interior. Tension fabric graphic features a top zipper and a silicone edge at the bottom for easy assembly.

Arches ranging in size from 10′ to 20′ can create and define a stunning entry way, focal point or stage at you next event.  Or create an ergonomically designed, semi-private meeting area in any trade show exhibit, special event, or interior environment.  Arches and walls are available in full color print, solid color fabric (23 color options!), or, black or white fabric.

Hard molded transport cases included.  All tower structures accommodate internal LED lighting (not included).  Monitors and iPads not included.  Custom sizes also available.


  • 10ft Tower Display - RoundTrade Show Booth Rental

    10′ Tower Display – Round

  • 10ft Tower Display - RoundTower Displays for rent

    10′ Tower Display – Square

  • 16ft Tower Display - FunnelTower Displays for rent

    16′ Tower Display – Funnel



  • 10' Fabric Exhibit Chip Shaped DividerChip Shaped Conference Wall

    10′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Chip

  • 12' Fabric Exhibit Arch12' Fabric Exhibit Arch

    12′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Arch

  • 10' Fabric Exhibit ArchTower Displays for rent

    10′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Arch

  • 20' Fabric Exhibit Arch20' Fabric Exhibit Arch

    20′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Arch

  • 8' Fabric Exhibit C-Shaped DividerTower Displays for Rent

    8′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: C-Shaped

  • ,

    20′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: S-Shaped

  • 15' Fabric Exhibit Treehouse Room15' Fabric Exhibit Treehouse Room

    15′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Tree House

  • 10' Fabric Exhibit Surf Wall Divider

    10′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Surf Wall

  • ,

    20′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Tree Wall