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Eye-Catching Lightbox Rentals 

LED Light Box Rentals

  • Portable Backlit Counter – RENTAL

  • Portable Backlit Bannerstand 3x8ft – RENTAL

  • Portable Backlit Bannerstand 5x8ft – RENTAL

  • Portable Backlit Bannerstand 8x8ft – RENTAL

  • Portable Backlit Bannerstand 10x8ft RENTAL


Get the Best Tradeshow Backwall, Arches & Lightbox Rentals

lightbox rentalsThe Airborne Visuals line of SEG Lightbox Rentals, Rental backwalls, Counters, and Arches combine push-fit SEG fabric graphics with durable, sleek aluminum frames and accents to create trending and noticeably sophisticated displays and spaces. The hardware can be rented while the graphics (Front and Back) are purchased and kept by you for future rentals/purchases.

Backwall – rent: select the best size and style of backwall for the space you have.
Graphics – purchase: dress the display with push-fit fabric SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) These Graphics are easily installed onto the frame, and can be reused/customized for your exact companies colors

If you’re looking to attract attention with a simple straight fabric backwall, the Lightbox Rentals are an easy and captivating solution.  Lightbox Rentals provide a custom look in a simple package. Lightbox Rentals feature sleek rented aluminum extrusion frames and interior LED edge lighting for a contemporary look.

If you are in search of a classy exhibit that features clean lines and trendy features, Lightbox Rental Kit backwalls are right for you.  Lightbox Rental Kits feature rented aluminum extrusion frames, pre-installed LED light systems for back-lighting your  custom graphics, monitor mounts and counters.

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    Airborne Visuals Trade Show Booth

    When setting up a trade show booth, you need an LED lightbox display, other backlit displays that are easy to manage, and anything that can bring color and light to display. We offer a lightbox rental that works perfectly with your trade show booth design ideas.

    An LED lightbox display is a good place to start when you want to make your logo, new product marketing, or displays stand out. People who are walking through the exhibit hall will easily notice an LED lightbox display. In addition, we offer a rental backlit trade show display that is the proper size. We can provide you with lightbox tradeshow rentals that are very small, as well as larger backlit display rentals on your tower displays.

    Plus, lightbox exhibit rentals can be delivered to your location so that you do not need to pick anything up. You can get a bit of assistance setting up your backlit display rentals, and the lightbox exhibit rentals will be retrieved when the trade show is over.

    Custom tension fabric exhibits, lightbox tradeshow rentals, and other LED lightbox displays can be set up behind each fabric display. You can put the lights anywhere you want, and they become an important part of your design.

    Illuminated displays can include lightbox exhibit rentals that will light up everything in the area. You could hang some of these backlit display rentals from your tower display. You will have the potential to put a lightbox rental under a table, or you could use these lightbox exhibit rentals to line a small corridor with information for your visitors.

    Custom backlit panels are perfect for you when your business has a unique message to send. You might have a lot of information to share, or you might want your logo to appear on each fabric display. We offer panels created to fit your backlit display rentals, and each one can be cut to size.

    Send your designs ahead of time so that the backlit display rentals can be created, and they will be delivered to your venue on-time.

    Trade show rentals should support your design ideas. A lightbox rental is a good place to start because it captures the attention of visitors to the event. You need lightbox tradeshow rentals that will illuminate the skirt on every table. We provide lightbox rentals to illuminate a big banner, and we can also provide small lights that will be used for tiny fabric panels around the display area.

    Backlit banner stands are a good way to post your largest advertising banner of the show. You can get something that is so big no one can miss it, and we offer lightbox exhibit rentals that provide you with enough light for the banner stand.

    The backlit trade show displays that you invest in might need a tent to make them effective. Trade show tents make your visitors feel like they have come to your office. The tent helps block out all the light from the rest of the exhibit hall, and you can use your lighting displays to create the ambiance you want. This is much better than creating a display that is ruined by the lights and sound around you.

    Trade show dividers are another good way to keep your display separate from other companies. Visitors will leave if they get distracted by another company, but a divider will make it easy for you to keep their attention. Plus, you can use lightbox exhibit rentals to make the dividers into information panels, marketing panels, or colorful panels that help set the mood.

    Lightbox tradeshow rentals can be delivered to your location before your show starts. You can order any of the items above, and share your designs with our team before the show starts. We offer lightbox tradeshow rentals that are interactive, that light up massive banners or that work on your tower display. You could add some dividers or a tent to the display, and create a welcoming space for your visitors.