The Vector Frame™ line of geometric-shaped Lightbox Rentals, rental backwalls,  and counters combine push-fit fabric graphics with durable, aluminum frames and accents to create trending and noticeably sophisticated displays and spaces.
Backwall – rent: select the best size and style of backwall for the space and needs Accents seen in the kits such as monitor mounts, lighting, backwall tables and literature holders are included in the rental.
Graphics – purchase: dress the display with push-fit fabric graphics that feature silicone edge beading
Counters – rent: select the size and style counter to add storage & more messaging – purchase: push-fit fabric graphics feature the desired messaged.

If you’re looking to attract attention with a simple straight fabric backwall, the Lightbox Rentals are an easy and captivating solution.  Lightbox Rentals provide a custom look in a simple package. Lightbox Rentals feature sleek rented aluminum extrusion frames and interior LED edge lighting for a contemporary look.  1 and 2-sided push-fit graphic options are available for purchase only.

If you are in search of a classy exhibit that features clean lines and trendy features, Lightbox Rental Kit backwalls are right for you.  Lightbox Rental Kits feature rented aluminum extrusion frames, accent lighting, counters (supporting the backwalls), literature accessories, monitor mounts and interior LED edge lighting where indicated. Lightbox Rental Kits have easy-to-apply silicone edge push-fit fabric graphics, which are purchase only.  Don’t forget to select the counter that will provide the storage and tabletop requirements you need.