Tower Display, Trade Show Columns

These tall display towers and their three-dimensional shape can display your message on a large scale with graphics visible from all angles, in a small amount of space. These tower displays are an excellent way to communicate your message or logo in lobbies, showrooms, retail stores, shopping malls, airports, trade shows or any other venues. Our display towers are highly effective 360-degree media enabling you to present a wide variety of uniquely creative solutions.

Discover our other trade show booth configurations!

Tabletop Displays

3ft Triangle Tower

3ft Triangle Tradeshow Tower

Ships from CA

Prices starting at: $650.25

3ft Non-Backlit Tradeshow Tower

Ships from CA

Prices starting at: $935.00

4ft Backlit LED Tower

4ft Backlit LED Tradeshow Tower

Shipping from CA

Prices starting at: $2,446.00

Trade Show Tower Displays

Funnel tower fabric display

Fabric Towers & Columns
#TD-OR-04, #TD-OR-05, #TD-OR-06

How to DRAW Attention at a trade show or other indoor event? The answer lies in our three architectural Towers with heights ranging from 8' to 20'. Get Noticed!

Pricing starts: $1,899.00

Coyote PopUp Tower

Coyote PopUp Tower

The Coyote Tower offers you the ability to create large circular towers from small, lightweight components.

Pricing starts: $542.00

Triangular Display

Triangular Display

Effectively increase visibility for your marketing campaign with the Triangular Banner Stand tower!

Pricing starts: $620.00

Rotating Overhead Tower Display

Rotating Overhead Tower Display

Rotating Overhead Tower Display combines the eye-catching height and shape of a hanging fabric sign with the three-dimensional appeal of a tower display with no rigging required.

Pricing starts: $3,849.00

Backlit LED Towers

Backlit LED Towers

Backlit LED Towers are part of the Resort Extrusion family—aluminum frames for Silicone-Edge Graphics (SEG). Custom-made on the premises, Backlit LED Towers come in 3ft, 4ft, and 5ft sizes.

Pricing starts: $2,113.00

3D Fabric Displays

3D Fabric Displays

Create towering interest in any environment with the 3D Fabric Display Frame as an informational exhibit or POP display.

Pricing starts: $456.00

Expand Backlit Tower

Expand Backlit Tower

Portable, lightweight premium display offers front lighting or backlit options on a stable, easy-locking frame that unfolds in minutes.

Pricing starts: $1,537.00

Pyramid tower display

Pyramid Tower Display

Unique, attention-drawing 4-sided display, ideal for trade shows, retail locations, or any indoor event. Lightweight, portable display features full-color graphics and easy set-up.

Pricing starts: $300.00

Tower Display Case

Tower Display Case

Easily goes from collapsed to floor display in just seconds! Acrylic security walls attach magnetically to protect your merchandise.

Pricing starts: $499.00

Truss Tower Display

Truss Tower Display
#TD-OR-02, #TD-OR-03

Truss towers provide 360° of easy-to-assemble, cutting-edge display that looks custom-made to stand out from the crowd!

Pricing starts: $4,459.00

Exhibit Columns and Pillars

Exhibit Columns and Pillars

These displays push the limits of traditional design with amazingly lightweight aluminum tubing and dye sub printed tension fabric.

Pricing starts: $2,750.00

POP Lit Sign Displays

POP Lit Sign Displays
#LB-OR-01, #LB-OG-01

Our innovative backlit light boxes guarantee your message will be noticed even in poorly lit locations. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Pricing starts: $800.00

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