Software exhibitor uses Led Video Tiles Wall for 20×30 New Orleans conference

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Software exhibitor uses Led Video Tiles Wall for 20×30 New Orleans conference

How Saas company uses LED Video tiles wall to increase traffic at New Orleans Senior Conference?

Software featured on LED Video Tiles 10′ wall caught attention at Argentum conference.

One of the most eye-catching exhibits at the Argentum 2023 conference in New Orleans was the LED video tile wall by Medtelligent, a software company that provides innovative solutions for senior living communities. The wall displayed colorful and dynamic animations that showcased the features and benefits of their software product, Alis, which is designed to streamline operations, improve care quality, and enhance resident satisfaction.
Medtelligent Trade show video wall at Senior Living In New Orleans

Eye-catching video backdrop for Saas interactive demo area

Closing one end of the 20×30 booth, the 10’x8′ LED Tiles video wall structure was flanked on the left by a 10’x8′ LED Backlit custom printed wall to maintain a static, permanent message in front of the audience. 
It served as the backdrop to the show floor demo area, where Medtelligent had set up 2 interactive touchscreen stations.  Visitors drawn to the booth would be invited to try out Alis and interact with the friendly and knowledgeable staff. The demo area was always busy, as people wanted to see for themselves how Alis worked and what it could do for them.
Medtelligent Kiosk Trade show video wall at Senior Living In New Orleans

Sleek Touchscreen Kiosks provides interactive software demo.

Our on-site technicians assisted exhibitor in setting up 2 interactive touchscreen demo stations and loading it with Alis software. Each free-standing touchscreen Kiosk was positioned in front of a custom printed flooring decal that was affix to the carpet to indicate where the attendee would be standing.

How to keep Demo stations separated from meeting area in 20×30 booth 

More in-booth demos lead to more face-to-face meeting and vice versa. The one-on-one meetings were another way that Medtelligent used the LED video tile wall to generate leads and sales. A lounge meeting space was setup with 2 low-seating area and separated from the demo stations by artificial green walls to provide some privacy.
In addition, the demo stations were clearly marked by custom printed flooring decal that were affix on top of the carpet.
Medtelligent Trade show video wall 3D model for Senior Living In New Orleans

Bringing more traffic at Senior Living Conference 2024 in Phoenix, AZ

The next Senior Living Conference will be held in Phoenix AZ from April 29- May 1st, 2024. We are looking forward to bringing more traffic, more demos and more leads to Medtelligent with LED Video tile walls. They will be the ideal trade show tool to showcase Alis latest software features and updates.
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