10’x10′ Tension Fabric Booth- Glace

Front view of the 10'x10' Glace Tension Fabric Booth with Closet, counter, TV standoff and lights.

10’x10′ Tension Fabric Booth- Glace


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A booth that can fit into your car’s boot (or trunk for us Americans). The 10’x10′ Tension Fabric Booth- Glace features the snap-lock, pull-over graphic assembly you expect from a tension fabric banner stand but in a modular booth system that fits easily into 5 wheeled traveled bags.

10’x10′ Tension Fabric Trade Show Booth- Glace highlights:

  • 3’x8′ Corner closet space
  • Pop Up Counter
  • Standoff Panel with Monitor Mounting Capability
  • 3 LED Lights


The 10’x10′ Tension Fabric Booth- Glace features:

    • (1) 10’x8‘ flat snap-tube aluminum frame with dye sublimated pillowcase graphics and 3 feet.
    • (1) 5’x8′ flat snap-tube aluminum frames with dye sublimated pillowcase graphics and 2 feet
    • (1) 5’x4′ flat snap-tube aluminum frames with dye sublimated pillowcase graphics and 2 feet
    • (1) 36″ X 92″ Television Standoff with dye sublimated pillowcase graphics and feet
    • (1) 3’x8′ Storage Corner
    • Frame connectors
    • (5) Wheeled Travel Bags
    • Pop-up Counter
    • (2) LED Lights

(Please see “Downloads” tab for instructions & graphic design templates.) 

*Furniture, Television monitors and flooring are not included. Please see our “Flooring” section for all flooring options.

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Setting up your Tension Fabric Panels & Counter…

5’x8′ Instructions 10’x8′ Instructions  Counter Instructions


Setting up your TV Standoff….

TV Standoff Instructions


Now the fun part! The Designing.  Here are your templates…

10’x8′ Template  5’x8′ Template  5’x4′ Template

TV Standoff Front Template TV Standoff Back Template Counter Template


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