58″ Slim Digital Poster Screen

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58″ Slim Digital Poster Screen


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The 58″ Slim Digital Poster Screen is the largest screen option and features a 4K UHD screen with capacitive touch option, a powerful processor for add-on media players, fiber optic cable, lockable back door for media storage and a remote control. Ships out in wheeled hard shipping case. Choose from black or white finish, Android or 4K Pro models. UL Certified. For Indoor Use Only.

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58″ Digital Poster Screens is a suitable size to expose and reach the customers in an efficient way. The big size ensures that the message is delivered.

Photos and Video:

This Digital Poster Screens is equipped with advanced controls that allows one to display images or video. You can create your own playlists and choose from 20 different types of “slide effect”. There are settings for how long images are displayed (between 5 seconds – 24 hours). The screen does the job automatically


There are many advantages to using the Digital Poster Screens TIMER function. You save on electricity costs and thus earn double both economically and environmentally. In addition, it extends the product’s life. The advanced TIMER in the Digital Poster Screens can be set with 5 different on / off settings to efficiently use the screen to maximum. The internal battery eliminates the need to add up the timer settings even if the power is disconnected.


The Digital Poster Screens are equipped with SMART HDMI function. This function allows the product to automatically start when the HDMI signal is received and turns off when the signal is gone. This feature is very useful when you connect an HDMI source to the screen. 


Digital Poster Screens interfaces will assist you to develop different types of display contents (photos, videos, animations). Please let us know about your needs and we will customize a solution that’s right for you.


Digital Poster Screens are available with Android and Pro 4K Interfaces.  Android Interface is based off of the Android operating system used in Android Tablets.  The Pro 4K Resolution Interface giving you the same 4K resolution found in 4K flat screen televisions.


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