58″ Large Touchscreen Tables

Digital Poster Screen

58″ Large Touchscreen Tables


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Digital Poster Screens help companies to increase their sales, strengthen their brands and streamline their information. The displays present offers, advertising, guidance and entertainment with greater impact than traditional signage can.

Introducing the new Touchscreen Tables.  Available in standard sizes: 40″-58″, and larger sizes: 58″-84″.  The Touchscreen Table features, vertical and horizontal adjustment, tempered glass, AF coating, a lockable glass compartment, 4K Ultra HD panel, Aluminum frame & base plate, Hard cardboard shipping case, remote control, projected capacitive  touch, and either an Android or Pro 4K resolution Interface.

The 58″ Touchscreen Tables are UL certified interactive displays available in a black or white finish that feature:

  • A 4K UHD Color-Vibrant Digital Screen with optional capacitive touch capabilities
  • A Pro or Android AD Board
  • A Powerful Processor for Add-on Media Player
  • A HDMI port
  • A USB Media player that supports .MOV, .MJPEG, .MPEG2, .FLV and more.
  • a Lockable Back Door for Media Player Access
  • Optic Fiber Panel Cable
  • Remote Control


  • 802.11 WIFI
  • Ethernet
  • Bluetooth 4.0

Digital Displays are built to order. Please call us at 1-800-821-2241 or email info@airbornevisuals.com for turnaround times and inventory status. 


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