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Logo Inlay Carpet & Rugs

Logo Inlay Carpets

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Logo Inlay Carpet & Rugs

  • Thick Carpet

  • Vector art only

  • High Quality

  • Very Durable

We cut and re-seam different colors of 30 oz. or 50 oz. carpet to make geometric designs, place logos in carpet and many other types of designs. This process is used for more simple vector designs, because the carpet is actually multiple dyes of carpet stitched together to form your companies’ logo.  Contact us for pricing.

  • Pros: Inlays can be produced in 5-7 business days and are reusable, we can also provide custom PMS colors for an additional charge and an additional 1-2 weeks. Can Incorporate vinyl, turf, etc. Carving Available.  Produced for any size from 10′ x 10′ to over 150′ x 150′.
  • Cons: Highly detailed patterns and images are difficult to produce using an inlay.


    An Experienced Team

    Inlays are a simple way to combine flooring products to create a stand-out look for your trade show, booth, or event. With custom inlays, you can combine carpet styles, rollable vinyl, custom printed flooring, turf, and more — giving you the flexibility you need to create the look you want.

    If you already have a design in mind, our team has the experience to execute your project with precision. If you don’t, our in-house design specialists can work with you to create the perfect look.



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    Dimensions120 × 9 in


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