Scalable Tradeshow Graphics Wall


Scalable Tradeshow Graphics Wall

Looking for a scalable tradeshow solution that uses the same system in 10’x10′, 10’x20′, and even 20’x20′ spaces? Airborne Visuals proudly presents the breakthrough product of the year, our Link PopUp Wall. Since this display allows you to reconfigure for each show, you can do something different without spending a fortune. Start with a backwall and then easily add returns and arches using the toolless connectors. Grow your display as your company grows by easily adding width when you graduate from a 10’x10′ to a 10’x20′. Or perhaps you find yourself in a 20’x20′ peninsula that requires you to have a higher than normal backwall. The Links pop-up makes adaptation easy and is our breakthrough product of the year as a portable scalable tradeshow solution.

Join the Backlit Trend:

Have you noticed the backlighting trend begin to take over in your industry? The Link wall makes backlighting portable and an option you can upgrade to when ready. While many lightboxes are heavy and can take up to an hour to assemble the Link Wall makes it easy with the high-tech LED cascade lighting system. Simply remove your lights and hang them from the top of the frame. The upgrade instantly takes your space to the next level, with the illumination bring your space alive.

Get a Rendering:

Have an idea you want to see sketched out? Give us a call and tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll provide you with a drawing free of charge. At Airborne Visuals our mission is to provide solutions for our clients not just sell products. When you have a question about whether or not this product suites your needs we’re happy to listen to you and recommend based on your business’s specific needs.