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    Smart Digital Sanitizer Kiosk


    Invest in a 4-1 Health Interactive Station to Protect Nursing Homes  & Assisted Living Facilities.

    Protect, Inform & Interact With Your Staff & Senior Residents.

    Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities need to be able to communicate up to date information with staff, residents, and visitors. Our software makes updating and managing the content on our screen convenient. Schedule a free Demo Now for your facility to learn more!

    • Non-invasive Temperature scanner.

    • Large Heavy-duty hand sanitizer.

    • Updated & Interactive contents.

    • Easy cloud-content publishing.

    • Manage all Kiosks from browser.

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    There has never been a greater need for assisted living facilities and nursing homes to communicate critical info while also protecting Staff, Seniors and Visitors from the spread of disease. Our signage removes the monotony from sanitizing hands and checking temperature, providing engaging and entertaining content to manage wait times and maximize the visitor’s experience.