Round Banner Stands Take The Stage.

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Round Banner Stands Take The Stage.

Our Round Banner stand  is a refreshing new take on the rectangular banner stands that dominate the market today. Much like their EZ Extends siblings, the Circle EZ Displays come in multiple sizes ( 3 ft, 5 ft, and 7 ft diameters), use  snap-lock tubing, a sturdy steel base and pillowcase graphics that slip over the frame easily. What used to take days and weeks to build as a custom display you can now get produced in 2!

Below are 2 recent examples courtesy of Audio Visual Group

First example shows the 5-ft Circular in front the Capitol in Washington DC.

The 5 ft. Circle EZ Extends used outside the Capitol.

To be clear, the Round Display is NOT designed for outdoor use, we have plenty here of choices in our outdoor street marketing category. However, it is printed with UV ink on fabric material that doesn’t dissolve with water and it comes with a heavy-duty steel base.  You may be able to see on the photo that weight/sand bags were added onto the base to ensure that it doesn’t tip over in mild winds. Of course, this would not be recommended in case of inclement weather or windy conditions.

The second example shows another 5-ft Circle Banner stand on stage in Nashville, Tennessee.

5 ft. Circle EZ Extend is featured on stage with country songwriter Dylan Altman.

With its narrow pair of black tubular aluminum legs, the 5ft Circle displays can be seen almost floating on the stage to the right of country songwriter Dylan Altman and Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton. Its printed fabric elegantly displays the logo of the charitable event at the SURVIVORville convention back in July.

The circular shape makes it the perfect fit for sporting events, bringing round logos to life and much more. For more information on the round banner stand scroll down, click on the size you need then use the coupon code “Circle2018” to get 15% off your purchase (until May 31st, 2018).

  • 3ft EZ Extends Circle Banner Stand3ft EZ Extends Circle Banner Stand Frame

    3ft EZ Extends Circle Banner Stand

  • Portable Displays To Go5 feet EZ Extends Circle Banner Stand

    5ft EZ Extends Circle Banner Stand

  • 7ft EZ Extends Circle Banner Stand7ft EZ Extends Circle Banner Stand

    7ft EZ Extends Circle Banner Stand

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