20’x8’ Trade Show Video Wall at IPW24

"Visit Anchorage" in-line booth features 20' LED Video wall at U.S. Travel's IPW, Los Angeles 2024

Attracting global media and buyers with video wall at IPW24.

IPW 2024 was held in Los Angeles, California from May 3 to 7, 2024, connecting U.S. travel exhibitors with international and domestic buyers and media.  When “Visit Anchorage” tourism officials decided to build a global brand for its destination, they knew that a 20’x8’ High resolution LED Video Wall would be very effective at promoting the...

3D Anamorphic Video Booth at Los Angeles Convention Center

Keiser’s Innovative 3D Anamorphic Video Wall Booth Steals the Show at IHRSA

Are you launching a new product? Unveiling the Future of Fitness: The M3i Studio Display

When it comes to fitness equipment, Keiser is a name synonymous with innovation and excellence. At the recent IHRSA event in Los Angeles, Keiser took center stage with their groundbreaking 3D Anamorphic Video Wall Booth, leaving attendees in awe.

Spectacular Trade Show LED Wall inside a 40'x40' booth

Imagine a colossal 30’x10’ LED...

Medical Trade Show Video Wall at AAOS San Francisco

How to successfully describe complex technologies and procedures at Medical Trade Shows?

When you only have a few seconds to get someone's attention, it can be challenging to sum up complex devices or innovations. But innovation is no stranger to client and exhibitor IlluminOss, a privately held company from RI who developed the world's first patient-conforming intramedullary implant using balloons, light activated monomers and flexible catheters. To help them compete against the big guys at AAOS24 (Moscone...

Trade Show LED Video Cubes at MJBizCon Las Vegas

NBI booth with 3d Video Cubes at MJBiz Conference 2023

The pair of combined Trade Show LED Video Cubes delivered a stunning 3D video wall experience for exhibitor NBI at the MJBiz Conference 2023 in Las Vegas. NBI FlexPack manufactures flexible packaging that make Cannabis products STAND OUT amongst its competition.  So, Airborne Visuals was tasked to provide a 20x30 booth that would have to follow the same principle. The 3d video cubes can...

Led Video Tiles Wall 20×30 Booth at New Orleans Conference

How Saas company uses LED Video tiles wall to increase traffic at New Orleans Senior Conference?

Software featured on LED Video Tiles 10' wall caught attention at Argentum conference.

One of the most eye-catching exhibits at the Argentum 2023 conference in New Orleans was the LED video tile wall by software firm Medtelligent specialized in innovative solutions for senior living communities. The wall displayed colorful and dynamic animations that showcased the features and benefits of their software...

Trade Show Floor Demos on Steroids with LED Video Walls at Printing United Atlanta

How to stand out with product demos at trade shows?

In-person Demo and presentations are the cornerstone of Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great opportunity to demonstrate your equipment or products in person to a targeted audience.  It is especially true for large machines that are not easily accessible to the public. However, there is stiff competition from other exhibitors who also bring similar products to the exhibit hall. How can you make your demos more engaging and attractive...

20×20 LED Video Booth at AHIMA23 at Baltimore Convention Center

Unveiling the Success of Verisma's Booth at AHIMA23 and a Glimpse into AHIMA24 in Salt Lake City

At AHIMA with one goal in mind: to captivate HIM audience with seamless integration of DuoDisplay Trade Show Video wall into a 20x30 booth design. 

At the Baltimore Convention Center, Airborne Visuals brought Verisma's message to center stage during AHIMA23 with a dynamic trade show video booth. As we anticipate the upcoming AHIMA24 in Salt Lake City, let's delve...

3D video 10×20 Trade Show LED Wall SupplySide West 23

3D illusion video turns head at SupplySide West in Las Vegas

How do you transform a small 10'x20' space into an eye-catching trade show booth?

This was the challenge brought to us a few weeks prior to the SupplySide West show by agency PepperGroup and exhibitor Kensing, LLC a leading manufacturer of natural vitamin E, plant sterols and high-purity surfactants. For 2 years, we have been successfully supporting Kensing's participation at US and European conferences...

20ft LED Video Wall Booth at Scaling New Heights 2022 in Orlando, Florida

20' Trade Show video wall with 2D/3D animation at Scaling New Heights 2022

Digits 10x20' exhibit stole the show at Scaling New Heights 2022 in Orlando, Florida

The Scaling New Heights Conference (#SNH22) is the world’s largest #accounting technology conferences and expositions. #saas client Digits booth was a 20ft x 8ft high P2.6mm #ledvideowall showcasing its software platform capabilities during the June conference at #Orlando Marriott WorldCenter Florida. The #tradeshowbooth features 60 high resolution P2.6mm...

Trade Show Video Game Booth at Mobile Apps Unlocked (Las Vegas MGM Grand)

Video Games on our MASSIVE LED Video Wall Booth at Mobile Apps Unlocked 2022 in Las Vegas

Trade Show Video GAMES on 8' LED Wall at MAU22 in Las Vegas!

Saas Expert in Mobile App Experience (MAX), client and exhibitor Airship.com hired airborne visuals to design a 10'x20' booth that brings FUN and EXCITEMENT to its exhibit space.  Built with DUO display h-line system, the exhibit seamlessly integrates SEG Graphics with a LED Video...