Trade Show Floor Demos on Steroids with LED Video Walls at Printing United Atlanta

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Trade Show Floor Demos on Steroids with LED Video Walls at Printing United Atlanta

How to stand out with product demos at trade shows?

In-person Demo and presentations are the cornerstone of Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great opportunity to demonstrate your equipment or products in person to a targeted audience.  It is especially true for large machines that are not easily accessible to the public. However, there is stiff competition from other exhibitors who also bring similar products to the exhibit hall. How can you make your demos more engaging and attractive to the attendees? The answer is to boost your demos with large LED video wall structures.
Trade show video wall demo LexJet Canon printer

Stunning videos shown over 280 LED tiles

Located at opposite corners of the booth, 2 cubic video walls structures were built using a combination of P2.6 high resolution LED tiles and SEG Backlit Prints. Each LED Video Cube measured approx. 20’x13’x13′ and built with led tiles including 90-degree seamless corners on the outside and Backlit aluminum Frames mounted with SEG custom-printed fabric behind the printers demo area.
The highly skilled design team at LexJet created incredible videos promoting the booth and driving traffic to the demo area.  Nearby visitors simply could not resist being engaged. 
Trade Show LexJet Demo Video Walls

Live-broadcast of in-booth demos with Professional Camera crew.

We brought 1 x Camera Crew to provide live-feed of the booth presentations onto the video walls.  A “control room” was hosted inside one of the LED structure packed with all necessary Video/Audio production and technicians.  
And of course, they had 4 x massive, large-format printers from EFI Vutek, Makitso, Epson, Canon with all its ink and media supplies stored inside the second LED Video cube. 
Lexjet Trade sbow Video Wall booth Live

20′ high Video Cube to drive traffic and brand recognition

The LED Video Hanging wall is a 20’x3.5′ square made of 4 connected walls built with qty 80 P3.9 video tiles and closed at the bottom with a SEG backlit custom-printed fabric. It requires 4 x chain motors on each corner to hoist a rigging truss that supports the weight of the video walls.  It is mounted with 4 light fixtures that backlights the SEG graphics closing off the bottom.
LexJet Trade Show Video Booth Print United23
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