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Smart Mobile Sanitizer Stand

4-in-1 Smart Sanitizer Station •  Checks Temperature •  Sanitizes Hands •  Fully Interactive Content •  Cloud Based Management Be Visible. Drive ENGAGEMENT for a Safer & Better workplace Smart Sanitizer Digital Kiosk 10.1" From $785.00 Select options Add to Wishlist Smart Digital Sanitizer Station From $1,800.00 Select options Add to Wishlist

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands

Protect and take care of each other Click to Purchase Yours Today Be prepared for employees and customers to come back. Once restrictions are eased and/or lifted, businesses and organizations will see an afflux of employees and customers migrating back to office, facilities, retail stores, venues and convention centers.  Everyone will be very eager to resume normal work and when this happen, you will want to make sure that everyone continues to have access to hand sanitizer and be reminded to stay vigilant. Hand-sanitizer...

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