Senseonics – LIVE Demo Theater Trade Show Booth

Senseonics – LIVE Demo Theater Trade Show Booth

Maryland-based client Senseonics asked airborne visuals to provide a custom booth with a small Theater Area designed to showcase the simple steps required to surgically implant in a dummy’s arm the “first and only CGM – Continuous Glucose Monitoring system with an implantable sensor that lasts up to 96 days”.
The initial exhibit custom-built by our partner AdImage for the ATTD 2017 Show in Paris was 30’x13′ and featured a curved banquette for seating audience, embedded speakers with wireless audio system and a 55” TV for showing video contents.


Despite its modest size, the “Demo Theater” was attracting a lot of visitors and client quickly realized that we had to find a solution allowing every attendee to clearly see the small details of the procedure.  For their upcoming trade shows in 2018 (incl. American Diabetes Association ADA2018 and AADE2018 ), Senseonics needed a Live feed to broadcast the demo onto a large TV screen to accommodate what was expected to be a popular attraction with a greater audience and larger exhibit space.



Instead of budgeting a local camera crew with equipment at $2,000/day for everyone of our upcoming shows, we started testing an easy-to-setup Video Camera feed system that would capture the small details of the demo procedure. After conducting several tests, we finally settled on a CANON HD Camcorder for the following features:

  • White color (to blend with booth white laminate)
  • High quality lens with optical zoom and auto-focus
  • Low light setting
  • Continuous broadcast without interruption (no sleep mode or auto menu display)
  • Clean screen (no subtitles/icons being displayed)
  • Simultaneous USB power charging while broadcasting
  • Lightweight and easy to setup/handle on-site (we created a trouble shoot guide)

We anchored a mounting arm with rotating head right above the demo counter and simply screwed in the HD camera facing down. We connected 2 cables hidden in the exhibit: one HDMI feeding the TV and one Low voltage powering the camera. Once powered up, the camera was fine-tuned using the zoom and smart AutoFocus feature to get the desirable angle and picture. Once each demo is over, presenter can simply switch the HDMI source of the TV from the Live camera to a video looped from a laptop located in the storage behind TV.

We were able to save our client thousands of dollars by implementing a simple LIVE DEMO VIDEO camera broadcast system allowing a greater audience to fully enjoy the small details of the product presentation. But most important, the Product Demo became a True Show Stopper and was now visible on a large screenbringing in a lot of visitors and leads. eversense was mentioned as TOP 10 New products at the exhibit hall for AADE 2018 in Baltimore.

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