Rlux Industrial Lighting 10×10 Booth

Rlux Industrial Lighting 10×10 Booth

Client: Rlux – Industry: Industrial LED Lighting

ProductDuo h-Line 10’x10’

Date: Feb 2020  –

We worked closely with Rlux to create an exhibit that would check all the boxes on their wishlist:


  1. Adjustable and Modular size: one of the key features of the h-line booth is the ability to easily convert from a 10’x30’ booth to a 10’x20’and smaller.
  2. Modern look with LED backlit panels: client produced clean and simple graphics to be printed on HD premium fabric panels.  To maximize visibility and make the logo and message stand out. we use our LED-edge backlit technology on panels and workstations.
  3. Must have features such as storage area, welcome podiums and large TV were seamlessly integrated to the exhibit and its printed elements.
  4. Ease of use: the exhibit can be quickly and easily setup by either a hired crew or the exhibit staff. When it comes to take down, each individual frame with its pre-mounted graphic panel slide in one or two custom wooden crates on wheels that safely store and transport the exhibit.