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Portable SEG Lightbox 10×15 booth for Personetics

Easy to Build & Sturdy Backlit Banner Stands

Our all NEW Backlit Banner Stands are portable, tool-less engineered light box displays that can be used in airports, restaurants, retails, mobile marketing, trade shows and more.

  • Composed of flame-resistant PVC material and can be set up easily with tool-free assembly.
  • The hardware can be customized to create unique modular setups by connecting multiple units in different formations

Financial Data Company Personetics needed a booth with backlit panels in a custom 15ft size.CHECK!

A modular system that is more than a backwall with arches and connecting panels that can be expanded. CHECK!

A solution allowing easy transportation, setup and assembly by a brand ambassador team, not carpenters.  CHECK!

They selected the Backlit Banner Stand from airborne visuals and they are happy with how it turned out. YEP!

Booth can be transported and setup by a single person.

Click here if you don’t see the video

Are you interested in using our Modular Portable Lightbox System?  Click to learn more today

A completely integrated Backlit Exhibit System with Smart Connectors and Accessories.

We will provide a FREE Custom 3D rendering available in 48 hours.

Contact us below today to get your free Backlit Booth 3D rendering!


    • Lightbox CounterLightbox Counter
      Lightbox Counter
      , ,

      Portable Backlit Counter – RENTAL

    • ,

      Portable Backlit Counter

    • 8x8ft lightbox portablelightbox portable
      lightbox portable
      , ,

      Portable Backlit Bannerstand 8x8ft – RENTAL

    • ,

      Portable Backlit Bannerstand 8x8ft

    • 5x8ft lightbox portable5x8ft lightbox portable
      5x8ft lightbox portable
      , ,

      Portable Backlit Bannerstand 5x8ft – RENTAL

    • ,

      Portable Backlit Bannerstand 5x8ft

    • 3x8ft lightbox portable-23x8ft lightbox portable
      3x8ft lightbox portable
      , ,

      Portable Backlit Bannerstand 3x8ft – RENTAL

    • ,

      Portable Backlit Bannerstand 3x8ft

    • lightbox portablelightbox portable
      lightbox portable
      , ,

      Portable Backlit Bannerstand 10x8ft RENTAL

    • ,

      Portable Backlit Bannerstand 10x8ft

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