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Amazing Tension Fabric Exhibits
Starting at $795.00

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3D Fabric Display Stand
with graphic & case: $417.00

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Street Banners & Outdoor Flags

Outdoor Street Banners

Outdoor street banners are a great way to showcase a message, whether it's a temporary, seasonal or year-round campaign. The hardware is easy to install and withstands months of weather before needing to be replaced. Banners come in a wide variety of sizes and mounting options for plenty of flexibility. Two recommended print materials ensure the most suitable and economic choice. With their universal appeal, street banners grab attenton wherever they are displayed.

Recommended banner materials:

  • Fabric: Knitted polyester. Excellent through print and high resistance to tearing.
  • Vinyl: Woven polyester with 2-sided glossy vinyl coating. Weather resistant and UV protected.

Standard banner sizes (Custom sizes also available!)

  • 1.5' wide: 3' high, 5' high, 8' high, 10' high
  • 2.0' wide: 5' high, 8' high
  • 2.5' wide: 5' high, 8' high
Street banners details and accessories

Wind Sail Street Banners

NEW Wind Sail Street Banners combine the maximum visibility of our wind sail flying banners with the promotional reach of a street banner. The popular wind sail can now go into new spaces and reach a whole new audience with a base that attaches to virtually any pole. Flexible and strong, this hybrid display is the reliable way to keep your message fresh and interesting for your customers. Available in five different shapes—concave, convex, straight, angled and drop— these wind sails feature fiberglass construction with stainless steel bands for attachment.

Wind Sail Street Banners

Outdoor Pole Flags

Advertising Flags

Outdoor pole flags are a cost-effective way to gain exposure and increase retail traffic. Especially great for branding a location or event, or use them to advertise a new product.

High quality flags, made from durable knitted polyester fabric, are available custom printed, or in a selection of stock colors and pre-designed artworks (including country flags). Finishing options include landscape or portrait format with single-reverse or double-sided print, and a variety of hanging options such as pole pockets, rope, or grommets.

Many sizes available including custom sizes! Contact us for details and pricing.

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Advertising flag Advertising flag Advertising flag Advertising flag Country flags Advertising flag Advertising flag

Portable Aluminum Flagpoles

Raise the bar with our portable, lightweight aluminum flagpoles: the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor flag displays. Preserves features of traditional flagpoles, such as a pulley system and finial, in a display that can be disassembled and packed into a carrying case (optional) for transit. Also features a variety of indoor and outdoor bases and adjustable height (up to 20.3' maximum) by adding or removing pole segments.

Aluminum pole top and halyard

5 aluminum pole segments, halyard, finial,
PVC ground tube, pole cap, rope, screws,
and 2 plastic snap hooks

Height: 20.3' maximum
Weight: 9.3 lbs

Recommended print sizes:

  • 5'w x 3'h (152cm x 91cm)
  • 3'w x 2'h (91cm x 61cm)
  • 2.5'w x 6'h (76cm x 183cm)
  • 2.5'w x 5'h (76cm x 152cm)

Traditional Flagpoles

Sleek, durable flagpoles are made from high-strength fiberglass to fly traditional flags or your custom-printed advertisement flags. A more permanent display solution, these flagpoles are backed by a 20-year manufacturer's warranty and guaranteed to hold up in even the toughest weather. Several flagpole styles are available to fit your budget and marketing project needs.

Pole styles (includes rotation heads):

  • External Halyard: traditional look with limited rotation
  • Internal Halyard Small Door: small vandal-proof access door; 360 degree rotation
  • Internal Halyard Large Door: large vandal-proof access door; 360 degree rotation
  • Banner Arm Internal Halyard: large vandal-proof access door
  • Banner Arm No Halyard: hinge base allows you to recline flagpole to change banner

Pole heights:

  • 20' (6m) high
  • 25' (7.6m) high
  • 30' (9.1m) high
  • 35' (10.7m) high
  • 40' (12.2m) high

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