Custom Printed Outdoor Event Canopy Kiosk

The most portable heavy duty outdoor vendor booth

2-5 person capacity  •  Easy to Assemble + Dismantle  •  Portable Carrying Bags  •  Plenty of Storage  •  1-Year Warranty  •  Made in USA

Hexagonal Dome Booth gives 360° Branding

The largest custom Portable Kiosk on the market. Accommodates more staff, has the largest advertising space and offers plenty of interior space for your display and storage needs. If your staffing requires four or more people and you are attending large events with big crowds, this is the Kiosk for you!

  • Outdoor Event Canopy Kiosk – 7ft

  • Outdoor Event Canopy Kiosk – 10ft

  • Outdoor Event Canopy Kiosk – 12ft


Concession Stands built from hi-grade PVC Framework, FDA Approved.

Our Dome Event Kiosks assemble easily with lots of storage.

  • Our Event Kiosks offers high portability and storage using carrying cases, plus counters & shelves.
  • Bags included for Counters, Shelves, Connecting Hardware, and for the Vinyl Topper + Skirt.
  • For transport or storage, fold the fram eand secure it with bungee cords or string.

Heavy Duty Booth Stands for outdoor use.

  • These Custom Event Kiosks are strong, sturdy, and designed to withstand windy conditions.
  • Stakes and tie downs or sandbags are recommended in windy conditions.
  • For 30+ MPH winds or wind gusts it is recommended to remove the vinyl top & skirt.
  • When setting up on an uneven ground or surface make sure that all feet are touching firmly.
  • Avoid setting up on muddy ground. It will stain the bottom of the skirt.
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