Eco-Friendly One Planet Trade Show Display

The 1st 100% recycled plastic fabric made in the USA for the Display and Exhibit Industry

Reduce your plastic footprint while marketing your brand!

In 2020, Airborne Visuals has partnered with mills in North Carolina that are equipped with the latest technology to knit the yarn into fabric. One Planet Fabric is intelligently engineered to achieve a highly professional grade, environmentally-friendly solution for the soft signage industry.

Perfectly smooth matte texture improves color

Consistent stretch without the use of spandex

Excellent opacity with an ultra lightweight build

Superior wrinkle resist technology with flame resistance

Soft feel yet highly durable

Environmentally sustainable and luxurious

Environmentally Friendly Print

One Planet Eco-Friendly Trade Show Booths

  • 20′ Back Drop Angelfish

  • 20′ Back Drop Atlantic

  • 20′ Back Drop Caribbean

  • 20′ Back Drop Dolphin

  • 20′ Back Drop Gulf

  • 20′ Back Drop Hammerhead

  • 20′ Back Drop Marlin

  • 20′ Back Drop Orca

  • 20′ Back Drop Osprey

  • 20′ Back Drop Reef

  • 20′ Back Drop Seadragon

  • 20′ Back Drop Tarpon


Let’s Make a Difference.

Many of our most popular display items are now available in a post-consumer recycled plastic print. See the below list for a few of the most common items available now in One Planet Fabric Printing. Reach out today to begin making a difference for our environment.

OnePlanet-Brochure-Physical 1

How many bottles?

Check out how many water bottles can be recycled per banner.

Environmentally Friendly Print

This luxurious polyester fabric starts from specially engineered yarns spun from recycled  bottles. Banners printed with authentic One Planet fabric prevent plastic bottles from entering landfills or oceans. But there are other advantages. They also avoid the use of crude oil, reducing our reliance on petrochemicals.

There is also a reduction of over 50% in the release of carbon dioxide during production. And to top it off, 85% less energy is used during manufacturing. So how many bottles will your banner have? It’s actually a very simple mathematical calculation.

There are 45 bottles per every kilogram of yarn, which translates into 1 bottle per square foot of One Planet fabric.

Eco friendly Trade Show Print
Displays To Go

Our Portable Displays To Go is the place to go for one stop shop trade show exhibits and displays.  In the Portable Displays To Go we have a large inventory of products that don’t require large amounts of customization,  and a quick turnaround with 3-5 days production time.