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Affordable iPad Kiosk Rentals 

When it comes to attracting the attention of potential clients, you need equipment that will make your booth stand out from the rest. One of the best ways to do that is with our kiosk displays. Similar to our trade show tower display, our iPad kiosk rentals can garner attention to your booth and keep it there.

Here are a few ways our iPad kiosk rentals can help your next showing.

When coupled with our trade show LED video walls, our trade show display kiosks can make a visual impact. With so many distractions at a trade show, your booth has to attract as much attention as possible. Visuals are the first thing to grab a person’s attention.

Place a catchy logo, design, or artwork on your kiosk and watch as people flood to your booth to see what you offer. Even our light box trade show display can help your kiosk displays accrue traffic.

We offer various sizes of iPad kiosk rentals and kiosk display monitors. Size is important when it comes to your booth. You don’t want to make your potential clients feel overcrowded. They’ll become uncomfortable and leave for a booth that’s a bit more spacious. That’s why trade show kiosks are so important. Like a 3D hologram display, they take up very little room.

This allows you to have more space to fit in other necessary items you may need like tables, chairs, or trade show counters. It also ensures that you can advertise without sacrificing your space. This is especially crucial when you don’t receive an ideal location on a trade show floor. You may be packed into a corner or between two huge booths.

Our kiosk displays and kiosk display monitors can be the answer. They can also act as outdoor exhibit displays. When you need room but still want to fill your booth with stunning advertisement and information, then iPad kiosk rentals are the method to choose.

Another big benefit of using kiosk display monitors is that they’re interactive. Since your clients have to press the screen on the iPad, they’re actively engaged with the information being presented to them. Not everyone retains auditory information. Yet, when people are encouraged to touch and interact with something, they’re far more likely to remember it.

Trade show display kiosks are also more fun. Like digital interactive displays, your clients will have an experience when they use your kiosk displays.

You can also choose trade show kiosks that come with a TV. This lets others see what your booth is all about while passing by.

Booths that rely on just word-of-mouth to advertise their business are falling short of customer expectations. This is simply because they don’t have the manpower to deal with all of the customers. Trade show display kiosks eliminate that problem. Even when your employees are talking to customers, other customers are able to use the trade show display kiosks to gain their information. Other visitors behind them can use the kiosk display monitors for information.

Whether you need portable digital signage displays or something slimmer like kiosk displays, we can help. Check out our trade show kiosks today or contact us for more information.

iPad Kiosk Rentals

Add Style and Colors at your event!

How to rent an iPad Kiosk custom-printed with your brand or logo?

Click on the iPad Stand Rental option below to see more details.  When adding to your cart, select the cover/graphic option you want: simple Black or White, Other in-stock solid colors or Full color printing.  If needed, download Template (PDF file) to layout and submit your artwork so it can be printed and send to your location along with the display system in the included shipping case.

Combining lightweight but sturdy aluminum tube frames with state-of-the-art pillowcase Stretch fabric skin for a clean appearance, these iPad kiosks allow for elegant and easy displaying of your multi-media content.