Interactive Gaming Wall

Bring your Event or Trade Show to the NEXT LEVEL with Event Gaming

Innovative Entertainment for Everyone.

  • Easy Transportation
  • FAST Setup
  • Highly Engaging
  • Customizable
  • Use Leaderboards
  • Go Viral!

Our interactive wall is a powerful tool that actively increases engagement during your indoor & outdoor events & tradeshows. The wall offers a wide variety of games and possibilities. This system uses state-of-the-art, modern tech that is highly efficient allowing for over 100 players per hour—you can effectively increase your brand’s awareness with very entertaining gamification.

  • Our Digital Gaming Wall allows ANYONE and EVERYONE to play entertaining games ranging from 30 seconds to 1 minute each.
  • Everyone in the general public can play without ZERO technical skills or physical condition requirements.
  • This is a Unique, Highly Innovative option for companies: team building, incentive, staff parties, seminars, trade shows, indoor & outdoor events.
  • Interactive: makes the player become a moving billboard (attracting guests and passerby’s) that are watching from a distance.
  • Dynamic sound, digital imagery visuals with Bright Attractive Colors, grabs attention both from those who would want to play—guaranteed to attract curious spectators.
  • Efficient logistics: plugs into a simple power outlet, can be assembled in 30 minutes, can be moved if necessary on a wheeled base, 2 versions with large model and standard. 2 players recommended for the standard wall.
  • High performance: up to 1,500 players per day.
  • High Quality Shorter playing sequences are designed to be extremely engaging, and entertaining experiences.
  • Completely customizable: choice of the duration of the game, the colors of the LEDs, the sounds emitted during impacts, possibility of a remote screen with Top Scores.
Engaging the Audience has never been easier with our Digital Gaming Wall.
Contact us today to see about getting one for your next Trade Show or Event!