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Hand Sanitizer for KIDS

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands | Be prepared with COVID-19 Essentials

Protect and take care of each other

As of the time of this writing, we are still struggling to understand the gravity of the situation and where we will be in a few weeks, months or years.  We are told that we are facing a global pandemic and some of us are now forced to stay home and keep a minimum distance of 6-ft between each other.  We don’t know much more about the virus and we certainly don’t know how long it will take before we see the end of the outbreak and the containment measures.  Since the virus has now gained a foothold in the community, we will have to continue protecting ourselves even after this outbreak gets under control. Hopefully, it is seasonal and weakens in the warm months of Summer. But we will have to stay vigilant to prevent additional outbreaks until we have a working vaccine that can be widely distributed.

According to the JPMorgan Chase Institute, 61% of small businesses in New York City (500 or fewer employees) lack a 21-day cash buffer to keep operations going. We are already hearing about massive layoffs in many industries including large corporations.  Our thoughts are with all of those whose health but also livelihood have been affected by this disease.

There’s no doubt that we will overcome and that the economy will have to start again.  There is also little doubt that we will need to improve our preparedness and continue protecting ourselves to keep novel viruses at bay.

Be prepared for employees and customers to come back.

Once restrictions are eased and/or lifted, businesses and organizations will see an afflux of employees and customers migrating back to office, facilities, retail stores, venues and convention centers.  Everyone will be very eager to resume normal work and when this happen, you will want to make sure that everyone continues to have access to hand sanitizer and be reminded to stay vigilant.

Hand-sanitizer dispenser stands can be relocated to any rooms or venues.

With its aluminum lightweight, the hand sanitizer stand can be easily transported to a strategic location where you are expecting visitors to come.  Its simple design allows for quick assembly while maintaining sturdiness.  Its is made in USA and available to ship from East Coast.

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