h-line Artwork Guidelines

h-line Trade Show Solution: Artwork Guidelines

Designing an h-line trade show booth layout?
Here is your step by step guide.

Panoramic h-line is a Modular Trade Show Solution system used to create a custom booth with standardized aluminum modules pre-assembled and mounted with your graphics. The h-line trade show booth can have a very powerful visual impact and is a portable and versatile solution to fit your needs. Most h-line panels are 93 inches tall with several degrees of widths. Also included are shorter 46.5 inch tall panels along with light boxes, closet, counter, arch modules. The different module sizes for the h-line booth open up a world of possibilities to market your brand to future clientele.

Discover the limitless creativity of the h-line.

Duo display
Airborne Visuals - Duo h-line-01
Airborne Visuals - Duo h-line-02

Creating an h-line booth can seem difficult at first, but reading this will clearly guide you around any obstacles you may face. Start with learning your booth’s precise dimensions (e.g. 10’x10′, 20’x10′) and inform us what your exact needs are for your booth such as: “Storage, Seating, TV, Counter.” This info will get our team started creating your FREE 3D rendering. As soon as the final 3D configuration is approved by you, our graphics team will send you a custom template that fits your specific booth to layout your art onto the panels.

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Please click this link to download the official h-line template design guide.

Designing graphics to go across multiple panels

Warning: We do not recommend splitting important logos/text across multiple panels.
Please watch the following video to better understand how the artwork is laid out according to your custom template.

More helpful h-line guides can be downloaded below

The before and after shots of our Trade Show Booth clients found below will help give you a
better understanding of the limitless options available through h-line.

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    CounterShelvingMonitor MountMeeting TableUSB PortsGrid Walls with HooksTablet Holder/StandLightboxCloset Space/Storage