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Amazing Tension Fabric Exhibits
Starting at $795.00

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3D Fabric Display Stand
with graphic & case: $417.00

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Floor Stands Poster Stands, Display Stands & Floor Sign Holders

Get a floor standing poster display to promote your message in a tight space! We offer a large choice of display configurations, materials and colors to hold any size sign, poster, or advertisement and make a big impact. These poster stands are lightweight to be moved anywhere quickly and easily. All our display stands are also cost effective to fit with your marketing budget. See below our wide selection of:

For an eyecatching wall mount or table top poster frame, check out our lightboxes! Discover also our large selection of banner stands.

22" x 28" Poster Frames

Prices are for hardware only. High resolution 22" x 28" graphics: $99.00 each.
Rectangular Sign Display

Rectangular Sign Display

Attract the attention of potential customers in an entry way, lobby or store entrance thanks to this double-sided display stand made of rectangular tubing. Black or chrome.
• Display size: 23.25"w x 59"h
• Weight: 17 lbs.
• Price: $89.00

Triple Rectangular Sign Display

Triple Rect Sign Display

This poster stand is the ideal solution if you have only a small floor space. Double sided visibility. Black or chrome.

• Display size: 25"w x 90"h
• Weight: 38 lbs.
• Price: $209.00

Flat Base Poster Stand

Flat Base Poster Stand

Ideal double sided poster frame for retail POP, shopping centers and event venues. Easy change of the 22" x 28" graphic. Black or chrome.

• Display size: 22.25"w x 59"h
• Weight: 35 lbs.
• Price: $75.00

Pedestal Poster Frame

Pedestal Poster Frame

This durable and stylish round base floor standing poster frame supports 22" x 28" graphics on both sides. Chrome.

• Display size: 22.25"w x 66"h
• Weight: 15.6 lbs.
• Price: $122.00

Observe Info Center

Observe Info Center

The pedestrian info center allows to hold a 22" x 28" sign or graphic and comes with an adjustable shelf to hold your literature. Black.
• Hardware price: $225.00
• Additional shelves: $95.00 each

Floor Sign Stands

Observe Pro Signpost System

Observe Signpost System

System offers multiple display options for your information. Includes molded holder for a 1/8" thick rigid graphic, stylish curved header for 8.5" x 11" material, literature pocket, pole set & base. Black.

• Hardware price: $85.00

Snap Frame Info Board

Snap Frame Info Board

Snap Frame Info Board is a lightweight and customizable single or double-sided display soultion with mix-and-match attachments to create a unique display. Silver.
Inquire for price.
• Download templates: Landscape | Portrait

Express Sign Display

Express Sign Display

If space is an issue, this compact sign display is your solution. Holds 22" x 14" graphics. Front and back visibility. Black or chrome.
• Poster: 22" x 14"
• Display size: 15"w x 59"h
• Weight: 12.6 lbs.
• Price: $92.00

Mini Sign Display

Mini Sign Display

Top loading frame with telescoping pole offers an attractive, heavy-duty, double sided display. Horizontal or vertical mount. Round or square base. Black or silver.
• Graphic size: 8.5" x 11"
• Display size: 12"w x 38.5" to 60.5"h
• Weight: 10 lbs.
• Price: $75.00

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Curved Sign Display

Curved Sign Display

Curved 8.5"w x 11"h display with 9"w x 14"d oval base. Print your own signs and drop in behind the provided non-glare overlay. Black or silver.
• Graphic size: 8" x 11"
• Display size: 9"w x 53"h
• Weight: 11 lbs.
• Price: $115.00

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Pedestal Snap Frame

Pedestal Snap Frame

Versatile stand offers adjustable-angle rotating display, telescopic pole. Available in two sizes. Chrome.
• Poster: 8.5" x 11", 11.75" x 16.5"
• Display: 10" base diameter x 27-48"h
• Weight: 12.6 lbs.
• Small: $58.00
• Large: $75.00

Rolling Snap Frame

Rolling Snap Frame

Constructed of sturdy aluminum, the Rolling Snap Frame includes a protective non-glare overlay and snap-open, snap-close loading. Chrome.
• Graphic size: 23.625" x 33.5"
• Display size: 30"w x 64.5"h
• Weight: 26 lbs.
• Price: $165.00

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Outdoor Sign Displays

Outdoor Sign Displays
(shipping from IL or MI)

Outdoor sign displays are ideal for outdoor promotion, especially sidewalk advertising. Bases can be filled with water or sand for high stability. Featuring easy poster change and double sided display options.

>> Visit our Outdoor Sidewalk Signs page to learn more.

Crowd Control Stanchions

Retractable Belt Stanchion

Retractable Belt Stanchion

Black or chrome.

• Total height: 39"
• Belt length: 7'
• Base diameter: 13"
• Weight: 21 lbs each
• Set of 2: $255.00

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Velvet Rope Stanchion

Velvet Rope Stanchion


• Total height: 39"
• Base diameter: 13"
• Weight: 22 lbs each
• Set of 2: $267.00


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Cafe Barriers

Cafe Barriers

Cafe Barriers identify public areas, provide comfortable surroundings and brand your advertising message! Great for a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.
• Image on both sides
• Selection of bases available
• Custom sizes available

>> Visit our Cafe Barriers page to learn more.

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