Trade Show Tent Full Color Print Full Walls


Trade Show Tent Full Color Print Full Walls

$500.00 $199.00

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Full Color Custom UV Printed Canopy full walls for the 10 ft, 15ft, and 20ft Canopy Tents. 10′ x 10′ Canopy Tents are Available in either 1-Sided or 2-Sided full color print.  15′ and 20′  Fullwalls are available with 1-Sided Full Color Print only.  One (1) Rail for the graphic is included. To secure full wall to tent frame, attach Velcro located on the top of the full wall to canopy top, then slide rail through bottom pole pocket, and attach rail to frame.  Choose from Fullwalls with either Aluminum (40mm thick) or Steel (28mm thick) rails.  Rails are not cross compatible, i.e., if you have a Steel frame you must use Steel rails.

Package Includes:
• (1) Fullwall with 1-Sided or 2-Sided (10′ x 10′ Outdoor Canopy Tents only) print
• (1) Rail, Aluminum or Steel, for bottom of 10′ x 10′ Outdoor Canopy Tents (15′ and 20′ Outdoor Canopy Tents do not require a bottom rail)

10 ft. Full Wall Size: 115″ w x 84″ h

15 ft. Backwall Size: 175″ w x 84″ h

20 ft. Backwall Size: (2) 118″ w x 84″ h


Additional information

Weight20 lbs
Graphic Options:

10ft Aluminum 1-Sided [ $342.00 ], 10ft Aluminum 2-Sided [ $642.00 ], 10ft Steel 1-Sided [ $330.00 ], 10ft Steel 2-Sided [ $630.00 ], 15ft 1-Sided [ $432.00], 20ft 1-Sided [ $572.00 ]


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