Trade Show Tent Flag Connector

Outdoor Canopy Tent Flag Connector

Trade Show Tent Flag Connector


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Connect our Best Seller Carbon Flyer Banner Stands at either a 0-degree or 30-degree slant to our aluminum or steel Trade Show Canopy Tents. Each connector comes with a bracket that mounts to the leg of the tent.


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Add extra oomph to any size Outdoor Canopy Tent by attaching a flag! To attach a flag*, first add this Outdoor Canopy Tent Flag Connector. Place this Flag Connector at the desired height onto the leg of the frame. Then, simply twist included knobbed screws to tighten. Add the flag and voila!

Please note:
1. *Use with Small Feather Banner Flag ONLY.
2. Open Casita fully and add canopy top, back wall and half-side walls before attaching Flag Connector.
3. This add-on has a toolless assembly
4. Pole Length: 7.75″
5. Hole Diameter: 1″

Additional information

Weight15 lbs
Flag to Tent Connectors

0-Degrees Fixed Flag Mount, 30-Degrees Fixed Flag Mount

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