Protective Covid Office Barrier

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Protective Covid Office Barrier

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From $95.00

Keep Your Employees Safe During The Workday With Our COVID Office Shields

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Keep customers & employees safe at your office. Protect Receptionist and Customer Service Reps to safely interact with visitors, messengers and clients.

Portable and Economic, this temporary partition is perfect for quick and easy installation with velcro attachment and custom printed branding.

• Made from durable Sintra
• Window made from .06″ PETG (polyethlene terephthalate)
• Graphic: PSV (pressure sensitive vinyl)

Available with or without custom printed decal.



Protective Covid Barrier Shield – Standard is Portable with easy Velcro Installation and Economic.


• Window frame made from durable white Sintra
• Clear Window made from .06″ PETG (polyethlene terephthalate)
• Custom graphic: PSV (pressure sensitive vinyl) on frame.

Available with or without custom printed decal

Additional information

Weight45 lbs
Dimensions48 × 15 × 6 in

Standard Portable Barrier 24 inch, Standard Portable Barrier 40 inch

Graphic Options:

Custom Printed Decal, No Decal – (Stand + Shield ONLY)


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If you have a business that is still operating, it’s important to take precautionary measures to ensure your employees and customers are safe from spreading COVID. Our office shields are the best protective dividers that can keep customer service reps and receptionists safely interacting with customers during the workday.

There has been increasing evidence that wearing masks, social distancing and using protective dividers and barriers in public are effective ways to combat the spread of COVID-19.

At Airborne Visuals, we’re selling protective COVID office barriers so you can enforce precautionary measures in your workplace. These office shields not only provide a protective barrier between the employee and the customer, but it can give everyone in your business peace of mind during the pandemic.

These protective dividers are lightweight, economic and portable. These office shields are perfect for quick and easy installation with Velcro attachment and custom printed branding. These office shields are quite durable and can be used anywhere in your business!

With COVID-19 spreading rapidly throughout the United States, it’s important to make sure your business is prepared and has precautionary measures in place. In combination with these office barriers, you can also purchase our hand sanitizer stations and social distancing stickers. With all of these protective items, both your customers and employees will feel more at ease in your establishment.

If you’re looking for affordable and effective office shields and barriers for offices, buy our products to enforce COVID guidelines. COVID can spread easily without proper measures in place, so make sure you buy the best products to combat the spread.

An office shield can come in handy for more than just customer services representatives and receptionists. These office barriers are perfect for any business setting. If you work at a company that has tons of desks or people stationed right near each other, these office barriers are great to put up in between desks. These barriers for offices also work for places like nail salons, banks, and more!

If you’re looking for economic and effective barriers for offices during the COVID-19 outbreak, you’ve come to the right place. Shop our protective office barriers to give not only your employees, but your customers peace of mind when they enter your business.