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Elegance with simplicity.

FREE Custom 3D Exhibit Designduo trade show display hline

Affordable exhibits with duo DISPLAYS h-line 

the Smart SOLUTION for all your trade shows.

flexiblefast + efficient

Panoramic h-line is a Modular Trade Show Solutions system which allows you to easily create a custom booth using standardized aluminum modules pre-assembled and mounted with graphics.  The h-line creates unparalleled visual impact and  is a perfect solution for those who would like a booth that is both modular and flexible.

Tell your story in Full Color.
Showcase your Brand with 100% graphics.

duo h-line includes superior HD fabric Prints

This is NOT your standard SEG fabric printing.  Be prepared to be AMAZED.

• Unrivaled quality: our dye-sublimation printing offers exceptional contrast, intensity and depth with long term longevity.

• Anti-reflective and opacity: premium fabric absorbs light preventing reflections from appearing on your design.

• More eco-friendly process: inks are aqueous solutions that are solvent-free and odorless.

Save time & money with pre-mounted Graphic panels. Quicker up & down means you get to fly home early.

Setup and dismantle your own booth.

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duo Exhibit display: elegance and simplicity

In Line Display SolutionsFREE 3D EXHIBIT DESIGN : speak to a h-line specialist and receive a free 3D sketch in 48 hours.

EASY SETUP: aluminum frames pre-mounted with HD graphics easily connect to each other TOOL-LESS.

VIBRANT AND BRIGHT PREMIUM GRAPHICS: h-line panels come pre-mounted with  VIBRANT COLORS printed on SEG fabric premium material with special laminate backing for opacity.

CUSTOM CRATE ON WHEELS: sturdy wooden crates are designed to fit multiple panels (incl. graphics) horizontally so they can be easily pulled in and out during the show.

MULTIPLE BOOTH SIZES: a TRUE modular solution allows you to build and re-configure your Panoramic display based on your evolving needs .  Reconfigure a 20’x20′ into a smaller 10’x10′ for your regional show.

NEW! PanoLED VIDEO TILES: do you have AWESOME videos? In 2023 you can easily bring them to the Show Floor to be featured on large-scale screen.  Ask about our Video wall booth rentals

LARGE SELECTION OF ACCESSORIES: easily integrates shelves, multi-media features (tablets, TVs), storage with locking door, cabinets and counters, LED Lightboxes using the same revolutionary modular concept.

We will design and build your booth to your requirements.

Ask for our free rendering today.

panoLED Video Tiles

Bring your Trade Show Displays to life with our all new Video LED Tile Walls. The State-of-the-art LED Tiles are the are among the most lightweight, ultra-thin, and easy to use on the market today. Contact us today to find out how you can incorporate an LED Video Tile Wall in your booth!

10ft Video Wall Kits

Backlit Graphics

Backlit graphics are easy to integrate using our UltraBright LED lightbox frame system.  Choose between individual lightbox walls, single or double-sided Canopies or Arches, small backlit headers. Custom sizes also available.

Counters & workstations

Free standing counters with custom printed graphics, shelves and optional locking doors are available in several sizes and shapes. You can also integrate tabletops to walls to create workstation solutions.

Products displays and shelves

Each trade show panel can accept up to 3 white shelves 10″ deep protected inside their padded bag as well as brochure holders.  You can also add a White or Black grid wall with your standard Retail hook or waterfall accessories.

Closet & Conference room

Closets with closing doors seamlessly integrate with your overall graphic booth and can be built to create large conference room. 5′ Headers can combine and extend the height of your storage for maximum visibility.

Storage & Shipping

h-line trade show exhibit comes with optimized storage that allows for safe and easy transportation.  Our crate#1 is a custom wooden crate on wheels with a tracking system to easily manage h-line frames. Crate#2 is a clever, lighter weight transport solution ideal for flexible needs (for more details see video here).

Printed flooring

Ultra HD printed flooring can set the mood for your trade show booth by dye-sublimating on a built-in rubber back felt material that does not require tape, padding or tools to install.  Simply unroll!  You can play with effects and faux finishes such as wood, concrete, grass, water, sand.

Pre-designed trade show kits ready for purchase or rent.

Ask for customization.

  • Trade Show Solutions Panoramic DisplayTrade Show Panoramic - H-Line 10-03 Rental

    10′ x 10′ H-Line 10-03

  • Trade Show Solutions Panoramic DisplayTrade Show Booth Rental

    10′ x 10′ H-Line 10-04

  • Trade Show Solutions Panoramic DisplayTrade Show Panoramic - H-Line 20-12 Rental

    10′ x 20′ H-Line 20-12

  • Trade Show Solutions Panoramic DisplayTrade Show Panoramic - H-Line 20-08 Rental

    10′ x 20′ H-Line 20-22

  • Trade Show Solutions Panoramic DisplayTrade Show Panoramic - H-Line 20-16 Rental

    10′ x 20′ H-Line 20-23

  • Trade Show Panoramic - H-Line 20-09Trade Show Panoramic - H-Line 20-09 Rental

    10′ x 20′ H-Line 20-24

  • Trade Show Panoramic - H-Line 20-15Trade Show Booth Rental

    10′ x 20′ H-Line 20-25

  • Trade Show Panoramic - H-Line 20-13Trade Show Panoramic - H-Line 20-13 Rental

    10′ x 20′ H-Line 20-26

  • Trade Show Panoramic Display h20-27Trade Show booth Rental Philadelphia

    10′ x 20′ H-Line 20-27

  • Trade Show Panoramic - H-Line 20-10Trade Show Booth Rental

    20′ x 20′ H-Line 20-10


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