Trade Show Solutions Panoramic Display

100% of the surface is dedicated to your message…Trade Show Solutions Panoramic Display is a revolutionary modular* exhibit system which features a seamless fabric graphic that completely covers the display structure.  Because your message is uninterrupted, it is rendered more powerful.

Top-of-the-line rendering…When 100% of your booth is wrapped in beautiful fabric graphics, your brand presents a true image of quality.

The fabric graphic revolution!…Fabric printing boasts characteristics that make it the ideal choice for visual communication events and in-store decor. The fabric is easily-transported, durable, washable, and gives your images an unparalleled level of quality and intensity.

What is SEG graphic?

SEG is an abbreviation for Silicone Edge Graphics

The SEG system consists of dye-sublimated fabric graphics with a silicone edge attachment system sewn directly onto the graphic. The silicone strip is easily inserted into the groove of the Panoramic Displays profile.  The size and finish of the graphics are extremely precise in order to ensure perfect graphic tension upon installation.  The result: a wide format graphic with the look and finish of photographic panels – without the inconvenience!

Trade Show Solutions Panoramic Display


Panoramic h-line is a Trade Show Solutions Panoramic Display system which allows you to easily create a custom booth using pre-assembled modules.  With its full surface area completely dedicated to the graphic image, the h-line creates unparalleled visual impact while also providing a complete assortment of useful functionalities.  Panoramic h-line is a perfect solution for those who would like a booth that is both modular and flexible for purchase or rental.  The Panoramic h-line displays are standard, however the graphics are yours to create a unique message you want to say about your company.  Think of them as “Ideas and Inspiration” to get you started.  Not ready to purchase, the H-Line is also available to rent!!!  (Just choose a kit and make the selection to Rent or Purchase.)

  • Modular booths, ideal for 10′ x 10′, 10′ x 20′, 10′ x 30′ and 20′ x 20′ spaces
  • Packaged in a wheeled shipping crate with pre-assembled modules
  • May set up with or without professional assistance


Individual Trade Show Solutions Panoramic Display components that can be combined and customized to create an exhibit tailored to meet your needs and space.  For pricing and more details view our H-Line brochure.


● Increase your impact thanks to booths tailored to your image
● Bring your ideas to life with Panoramic Displays: very large-format graphics, backlit walls, curved elements, incorporation
of wood-worked elements and heights up to 16′
● Trade Show Solutions Panoramic Display is reusable
● Panoramic Lightboxes are all UL certified


● Portable configurations ideal for 10′ x 10′ and 10′ x 20′ spaces
● Packaged in wheeled transport bags
● May be set up with or without professional assistance
● Choose portability: the Trade Show Solutions Panoramic Display wheeled bag allows you to transport your booth with your own vehicle.
● Profiles are cut at a maximum length of 48″, allowing them to be connected easily without the use of tools
● Create high impact with large-format graphics that completely cover the display structure.

P-Line 10-05
P-Line 10-25
Panoramic Displays P-Line
P-Line 20-05
P-Line 20-25
P-Line 20-27