LED Video Exhibit Display Rentals

Put your Video on the Wall of your Exhibit in 2021!

Bring video animation to your Trade Show Exhibit 

Story telling captivates your audience with beautiful animated graphics and videos.

  • Stand out in the crowd: stay ahead of the exhibitors pack with exciting animated graphics that are visible from far and will create a lasting memorable experience.
  • Digitally update and change contents: digital assets can be easily adjusted to match a specific market or trade show.
  • Ideal for Product Theater or Live Demo: broadcast your Live Demo or Presentation on one XL or several smaller screens built-in into your trade show display.
  • Seamless integration with prints and exhibit frames: Hi-55 LED tiles can be quickly mounted on Aluvision exhibit frames to combine with traditional walls, printed panels and other furnitures. 
  • Use for large or small booth space: each video wall is made of individual 19.5″x19.5″ LED tiles connected to match desirable screen size.  Reconfigure your screen to go from a large exhibit to a smaller 10’x10′ space. There is an unlimited amount of options for design and layout.

LED Video tiles integrate seamlessly to create stunning graphics animations.

elegant video integration on curves, ceiling, floor, furniture…

Hi-LED 55 video tiles: the future of modern trade shows.

With quick, toolless installation and a brilliant visual experience, the Hi-LED 55 truly offers the best of both worlds. Its unique dimensions of 19.53” x 19.53” x 2.17” (496 x 496 x 55 mm) allow a flush integration into our original Aluvision frame system with razor-sharp, vivid images, ensured by the pixel pitch of 2.5 and 2.8 mm.

Our LED Video Panels are extremely user-friendly. Various practical tools were incorporated into the design to provide effortless installation and maintenance. The ergonomic Easy Grip handles assure easy placement of the tiles and the magnetic alignment and efficient positioning pins guide them instantly into the right position. Subsequently, the innovative, toolless Quick Lock system guarantees a firm fixation. On top of that, the full front and rear accessibility allows you to smoothly interchange the 4 LED modules and the power box.

Boost your trade show presence by blending in the Hi-LED 55 into any setup you can think of. Choose wall, display, ceiling, floor, hanging and concave/convex (5°, 7.5°, 10°) constructions to bring your creative ideas to life. Finish the rear side of the tile with panel or SEQ-fabric infill.

Trade Show Video Hi55 LED Tile
Trade Show Video Hi55 LED Tile
1. Cast aluminum cabinet frame
2. Quick Lock system for toolless connection
3. Easy Grip handles allow ergonomic one-person setup
4. Slot for SEG fabric to cover the back with fabric infill
5. Possibility to cover back side with hard panel
6. Thread for adjustable foot, to enable raised floor construction
7. Magnetic alignment and positioning pins guarantee precise mounting
8. Toolless interchangeable cast aluminum power box
9. LCD info display shows operating hours, current, temperature and software version
10. Edge protection prevents direct contact with the ground

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