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What is Anamorphic 3d Video?

The use of 3D anamorphic video content at trade shows is a cutting-edge approach to capturing the attention of attendees and creating a memorable brand experience. This technology utilizes LED walls to display content that appears to extend beyond the limitations of the physical screens, creating an illusion of depth and space that can be seen without the need for special glasses.

What is the Technology Behind 3D Anamorphic Videos?

Anamorphic videos are created by manipulating the content’s aspect ratio to produce an illusion of three-dimensionality when viewed from a specific angle. This technique has been used in street art and has now been adapted for digital screens. The history of anamorphic animation stretches back to the Renaissance, with artists like Leonardo da Vinci employing these techniques to create hidden images that could only be seen correctly through a cylindrical mirror.  When applied to large LED walls at trade shows, the result is a dynamic and engaging display that seems to pop out towards the viewer.

What are the Benefits of 3D Videos for Trade Shows?

Trade shows are competitive environments where businesses vie for the attention of potential clients and partners. 3D anamorphic video content on LED walls offers several advantages:

♦ Increased Engagement: the novelty and visual appeal of 3D anamorphic videos can stop passersby in their tracks, encouraging them to engage with the display and, by extension, the brand.

♦ Memorable Experiences: the immersive nature of the content ensures that the experience sticks in the minds of the attendees, increasing brand recall.

♦ Versatility: LED walls can be configured in various shapes and sizes, allowing for flexibility in design and the ability to adapt to different trade show booth layouts.

♦ Message Amplification: The 3D effect can emphasize key messages or products, making them stand out in a crowded exhibition space.

What is the process to create a 3d Anamorphic Video?

Airborne Visuals is NOT an advertising agency and while they are overlaps, we will focus on the visual design and work with our client’s input and creative direction to help implement their vision and achieve their marketing goals. When initiating a 3D video animation project for a trade show, we will follow the steps:

Create the 3D layout for the rental of exhibit structure and video wall including sizes and pixel resolution.

Define the project’s objectives and the tailor message client wants to convey to the show attendees.

Outline the scope including timelines, duration, deliverables and budget.

Gather all necessary assets, including CAD files and reference images, to accurately texture the 3D models.

Develop an animatic to outline the animation’s sequence, followed by style frames to establish the visual look.

What budget is needed?

With all creative works, it’s difficult to provide estimate without knowing the scope of the project. Factors that affect pricing are length of video, availability of 3d models/assets, complexity of storyboard, size of the video wall and so on. We are confident that our 3d video work is very competitively prices.

For example, a 3D animation of your logo on a 10’x8′ trade show video wall can be as little as $2,000. Below 3D animation was created and embedded with the existing “Marketing Product” video to create a wow factor and grab the audience’s attention.

Trade Show Rental Kits with 3d Video

  • Trade Show Video Booth10x10 Trade Show Video Booth Kit

    10×10 3D LED Video Wall Booth Rental Kit #11.2

  • 10x20 Trade Show LED Video Wall10x20 Trade Show LED Video Wall

    10×20 LED Video Wall Booth Rental Kit #12.1

  • 40x40 Trade Show LED Video Wall40x40 Trade Show LED Video Wall

    40×40 LED Video Wall Booth Rental Kit – #44.1

  • 20x30 Trade Show LED Video Wall20x30 Trade Show LED Video Wall

    20×30 LED Video Cube Booth With Hanging Sign Kit #23.2

  • 20×20 Double Deck Anamorphic Video20×20 Double Deck Anamorphic Video
    , , ,

    20×20 Double Deck Anamorphic Video Rental Kit #22.4

  • 20×20 Curved LED Video Wall Booth20×20 Curved LED Video Wall Booth

    20×20 Curved LED Video Booth Rental Kit #22.5


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