Motion Lightbox LED Display

Programmable  ·  Dynamic  ·  Ultra Bright

Dynamic Motion Free-Standing and Wall-Mounted Lightbox

Trade Show Motion Lightbox
Motion LED Structure

Turn your static displays into a dynamic animated display with programmable pixel back lighting.

These Motion LED Lightbox Displays are the first of its kind. Ultra modern, the LED lights are completely programmable to customize any message on your lightbox. Included with this display: Custom printed SEG fabric graphic, Black fabric backer, Durable metal frame with feet, Portable array of pixel ladder lights, White fabric backer, Custom light animation, SD card, Integrated controller, Shipping case with wheels.

Motion Backlit wall

How does it work?

A portable array of pixel ladder lights are hung inside a durable aluminum SEG frame and covered by a static fabric graphic. The pixel lights are controlled via an integrated controller which is programmed by inserting a SD card with the desired animation program in the controller. Once assembled everything is plug and play, allowing for an easy change of LED animations. The SEG graphics are also easily swapped out, making the change in branding or product promotions economical.

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