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Amazing Tension Fabric Exhibits
Starting at $795.00

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3D Fabric Display Stand
with graphic & case: $417.00

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Trade Show Flooring Accessories

Event Floor Cases

Our popular flooring cases are included in all of our To Go and portable packages, and are also available for individual purchase. They provide a very convenient way to safely transport and store your flooring.

Rotomolded Case

Rotomolded Case

49" x 25.5" x 8.5"
Our price: 280.00

50" Round Case

50" Round Case

50" x 15"
Our price: $265.00

62" Round Case

62" Round Case

62" x 12"
Our price: $280.00

FlatCord flat extension cord



FlatCord, our flat extension cord, minimizes unsafe, unsightly bumps under the flooring at your exhibits and events.

  • Clear, lighted ends
  • 15', 25' and 50' sizes
  • Available individually or in cases of 12 (15' and 25') or 8 (50')
Length Individual Case
15' $19.00 $202.00
25' $32.00 $336.00
50' $48.00 $435.00

Event Carpet Accessories



Protect your flooring with Visqueen! Made from durable low-density polyethylene & 100% recyclable. We offer two widths, 12" and 24".

Length Individual
12' x 100' Poly film 4 mil $70.00
24' x 100' Poly film 4 mil $138.00
Carpet tape

Carpet Tape

25 yard rolls of 2" wide or 3" wide double-faced tape. Available individually or in cases of 24 rolls (2") or 16 rolls (3").

Width Individual Case
2" wide $17.00 $317.00
3" wide $25.00 $334.00

Event Floor Padding

Carpet padding

Carpet Padding

Good carpet padding is crucial. Besides providing comfort, it also conveys an element of quality that people will sense as soon as they set foot on your carpet. Airborne Visuals can provide you with several types of event and trade show padding:

  • Rebond is an economical option made from recycled scraps of high-density foam. It's an economical option if you don't plan to reuse your padding. We offer 3 densities, including a unique 1"-thick pad.
  • Fiber is a denser option manufactured from recycled polyester. Unlike rebond, it won't rip if you use double-sided tape to attach it to the floor.
  • Polyurethane is the most reusable option, and more comfortable than fiber. We offer 1/4" or 7/16" thickness.
  • Foam is a great cushion material to complement various flooring options, because of its soft and spongy performance to sustain heavy weight.
rebond padding


5' wide x 40' roll

1/2": $110.00 ($0.55 / sq ft)
7/16": $117.00 ($0.59 / sq ft)
1": $167.00 ($0.84 / sq ft)

fiber padding


Cut to size

3/16": $0.75 / sq ft

polyurethane padding


Cut to size

1/4": $1.17 / sq ft
7/16": $1.25 / sq ft

foam padding


5' wide x 40' roll

7/16": $175.00 ($0.88 / sq ft)

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