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Rise above your competition at your next trade show! If you're looking for something big for your shows, our extra large fabric hanging display will get you noticed. The lightweight frame, made of cold drawn aluminum in unique, eye-catching shapes, snaps together for quick and easy set up with no tools. The single or double sided graphic is printed with dye sublimation on high quality fabric that just zips on, and the included cable makes the display simple to hang practically anywhere: convention centers, retail locations, trade shows and more! With a maximum width of 15 feet and any height up to 4 feet, our fabric hanging display will ensure that you stand out!

See also our hanging sign display guidelines, below.

Ask us about custom sizes!

Display Popup Systems
Circle Hanging Display

Circle Hanging Display

Ships from CA or PA

Prices starting at:

Triangle Hanging Display

Triangle Hanging Display

Ships from CA or PA

Prices starting at:

Pinwheel Hanging Display

Pinwheel Hanging Display

Ships from CA or PA

Prices starting at:

Fabric Hanging Display Tapered Tube

Tapered Tube

36" $1,190
42" $1,420
48" $1,640
>> Templates >> Instructions
Fabric Hanging Display Tapered Trio

Tapered Trio

36" $1,309
42" $1,433
48" $1,542
>> Templates >> Instructions
Capacity With outlet W/o outlet
100 lbs $775.00 $655.00
200 lbs $985.00 $795.00
300 lbs $1,075.00 $895.00

Hanging sign rotating motor available

Rotating motor with power outlet
  • Hang capacity: 100/200/300 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 9/17/19 lbs
  • Standard rotation speed: 2 RPM
  • 110 VAC standard
  • With or without power outlet
  • Made in the USA
Fabric Hanging Display Carrying Case

Included soft carrying case
Dimensions: 35" x 16" x 14"

Now available: Rotating Overhead Tower Display

New Rotating Overhead Tower Display combines the eye-catching height and shape of a hanging fabric sign with the three-dimensional appeal of a tower display with no rigging required--the hanging display sits atop the tower with a self-contained rotating motor for an impressive addition to any trade show exhibit. High quality dye sub and lightweight aluminum construction mean this can't-be-missed display is also easily portable from show to show.

>> More Info

Pictured left with #HSD-BS-08 Tapered Tube.
>> See more tower displays and columns

Additional Hanging Sign & Hanging Display Options

Trade Show Hanging Sign

Trade Show Hanging Sign
#HSD-TV-01 to #HSD-TV-04

Create three dimensional interest in any environment. This frame system is constructed of lightweight poles and requires no tools for assembly. The connector pieces create flawless edges making the system exceptionally attractive while still maintaining its sturdy construction.

>> More Info
Overhead Sign Structures

Overhead Sign Structures
#HSD-OR-01 to #HSD-OR-05

Look to the skies with our beautiful, quick locking hanging structures. 20 different shapes to choose from means infinite design possibilities! Set yourself apart from the competition and draw serious attention to your booth or display.

>> More Info
Suspended 3D Signs

Suspended 3D Signs
#HSD-MO-01 to #HSD-MO-04

Special displays feature exclusive shapes for a bigger impact. Printed on high quality photo fabric. Also available for rental!

Prices start at $3,029.00

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Hanging Sign & Hanging Display Set Up Guidelines

  • All hanging signs that require electricity must be hung by the electrical union at the facility.
  • All ceiling rigging must conform to show management rules and regulations and facility limitations.
  • All overhead hanging signs must be assembled, installed, and removed by a designated labor contractor. Refer to your Exhibitors' Manual for specifics requirements of your show and venue.
  • Set up instructions must be provided for signs needing assembly.
  • Hanging anchor points must be prefabricated and ready for use.
  • Overhead hanging signs must be sent in separate containers directly to advanced warehousing no later than one week prior to the first exhibitor move-in day in order to guarantee the hanging of your sign.
  • If any hang points support over 250 lbs., notify your labor contractor immediately for special authorization.

>> View a sample trade show Hanging Sign Labor Request form.

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