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Recyclable displays

Airborne Visuals is proud to offer a wide range of green trade show display options to help you make an big impression at your next event, without a big impact on the environment. Discover our green printing solutions and new green displays.

Trade Show Bamboo Flooring

Trade Show Bamboo Flooring

Natural rollable bamboo is perfect for trade show floors and walls. Lightweight and so easy to set up!
Rolls up for easy handling
• Lays flat on application and is durable
• Waterproof non-slip backer
Indoor or outdoor display

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Reality Grass Turf

Reality Grass Turf

Eco-friendly green turf flooring gives you the look of real grass without the hassle of mowing! Available in a range of realistic styles.
• Made from pre-consumer recycled materials and eco-friendly polyolefin materials
• No watering or harmful chemicals required
100% recyclable

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Trade Show Totes

Trade Show Totes & Shopping Bags

Presenting our green selection of totes and shopping bags, featuring a variety of recyclable and 100% recycled materials. These reusable bags, in a variety of elegant styles, can be customized with eye-catching imprinting or full color transfers.

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Salesmate Fabric Displays

Salesmate Fabric Displays

Unique sales and branding tool can relay your product message or brand easily with its 5 second set up. With the recycled fabric option, these displays are completely recyclable.
• Extremely compact
• Easy change of graphics
• Recycled fabric available for a 100% recyclable display

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Custom Cardboard Cutouts

Custom Cardboard Cutouts

Our cardboard cutouts grab attention with custom shapes and high quality images. From counter displays to life-size stand ups, available in sturdy, 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard. Revolutionary design means displays self-assemble from their collapsed shipping state (tiny footprint - low shipping costs!)

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Green Printing

New! First biodegradable printed banner! We are proud to present you a new Eco-friendly printing solution, available now from our Los Angeles printing facility.

Green Printing

Inovative, biodegradable banner is formulated to perform just like standard polyproylene in the field, but begin degrading in months when buried or discarded in a landfill. Depending on landfill activity, the material can degrade in as little as 9 months. Compare this to conventional polypropylene printing films that take about 400 years to degrade!

The biodegradable material interacts with microorganisms present in landfills, which metabolize the molecular structure of the film in a mechanism known as oxo-biodegradation, which occurs under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. The banner film will degrade completely into carbon dioxide, water, and methane, producing no toxic residues or chemicals harmful to living organisms in soil or water. This makes it a truly green and environmentally friendly product!

Contact us today to order your green trade show displays with this revolutionary new option!

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