Trade Show Tower Display


Trade Show Tower Displays are a part of the Resort Fabric Exhibit family—aluminum frames for Silicone-Edge Graphics (SEG).  Available in either 3-Sided or 4-Sided. The 4-Sided Trade Show Tower is available in an LED Backlit version.  For the BACKLIT option, the graphics are printed using the UV cured processed and inks are vibrant while blacks remain dark, even when lit.  Custom-made on the premises, Trade Show Tower  Displays come in various sizes. Trade Show Tower Displays accept four individual custom fabric graphics, excluding top and bottom. Insert graphics after frame is constructed by tilting it on its side. Transversely, push corners of graphic into the frame’s recessed groove. Then, starting midway on the frame going toward the corners, continue pushing in the straight edges of the graphic. Repeat three times.


Introducing our newest Tension Fabric Displays, the Tension Fabric Round and Square Towers!  Available in 8ft and 10ft sizes.  Grab all the attention at your next show with this massive display!  This display is very lightweight and is an excellent attention grabber due to its sheer size. The aluminum frame is completely tool-free and easily assembled by snapping all of the individual tubes together. The graphic slides over the frame, pulled down until taut, and then is zipped closed. A durable case w/ wheels for easy transport included.

Our 3D Exhibit Shapes page is the place to go for a large selection of customized 3D Exhibit Shapes.  You can customize  to create a display to meet your needs.  Below are some examples, click on the images for more information.