Custom Printed Hanging Signs

Hi-Quality Custom Hanging Banners • Includes Travel Bag • Lightweight Aluminum

Trade Show Hanging Banners Overhead Signs

Trade Show Hanging Banners or Overhead Signs above your booth will guide exhibitors your way like the stars in the sky.  American-made fabric graphics stretch and zip shut over the aluminum, durable frame. Trade Show Hanging Displays are available in circles, squares, triangles, pinwheels, and more.  New larger 20ft diameter size now available for circle and square shapes.  Height and diameter sizes vary.    Includes soft carrying case.  All Trade Show Hanging Banners are available with inner graphic, white lining, or black lining.

SPECIAL OFFER - 10ft Hanging Signs - 1 sided print!

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    10ft Circle Hanging Sign – SPECIAL OFFER

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    10ft Square Hanging Sign – SPECIAL OFFER


How to Install Trade Show Hanging Banners or Overhead Signs?

Trade Show Hanging Banners or Overhead Signs require rigging by trained crew with specialized equipment such as Lift or Boom.  There is usually a Special Order from called “Hanging Sign Order” in your Exhibit Manual that  allows you to book in advance a rigging crew for installation and dismantle. Price varies based on venues and start around $600 per hour for setup (minimum 1 hour).

Note: depending on your booth configuration, you may need to schedule the rigging before building your booth so as to allow enough space for the crew and equipment. Also you Overhead Sign / Trade show Hanging banner will need to be build before hand as specialized crew only perform rigging.

  • Hanging Displays 2-Sided Small CircleHanging Displays

    Circle Trade Show Hanging Banner

    From $910.00
  • Hanging Displays 2-Sided Large SquareHanging Displays 2-Sided Small Square

    Square Trade Show Hanging Banner

    From $1,040.00
  • Hanging Displays 2-Sided TriangleHanging Displays 1-Sided Triangle

    Triangle Trade Show Hanging Banner

    From $765.00
  • Skybox 2-Sided Tapered Circle Hanging DisplayHanging Displays 1-Sided Tapered Circle

    Tapered Circle Trade Show Hanging Banner

    From $1,840.00
  • Hanging Displays 2-Sided Tapered SquareHanging Displays 1-Sided Tapered Square

    Tapered Square Trade Show Hanging Banner

    From $2,235.00
  • Hanging Displays 2-Sided Tapered TriangleHanging Displays 1-Sided Tapered Triangle

    Tapered Triangle Trade Show Hanging Banner

    From $1,705.00
  • Hanging Displays 2-Sided FootballHanging Displays 1-Sided Football

    Football Trade Show Hanging Banner

    From $375.00
  • Hanging Displays 2-Sided WaveHanging Displays 1-Sided Wave

    Wave Trade Show Hanging Banner

    From $685.00
  • Cube Trade Show Hanging Banner

    From $1,500.00
  • 30x20 Trade Show LED Video Hanging Sign30x20 Trade Show LED Video Hanging Sign

    LED Video Hanging Sign Rental

trade show tower display

Our Tower Displays are a good alternative to trade show hanging banners or Overhead Signs.  Visit our large selection of customized Tower Displays that do not require any rigging  Below are some examples, click on the images for more information.