Trade Show Tension Fabric Displays

Easy Setup  •  Tool-Free  •  Portable

Trade Show Booth Dividing Walls 

Catch your audience’s attention with our Tension Fabric Displays, the future of large, portable and affordable marketing display systems. These lightweight displays provide a large surface area for your high quality custom graphics, printed single or double-sided with top quality dye sublimation, on stretch polyester that’s recyclable and virtually wrinkle-free. The tension fabric graphic is pillowcase mounted on a simple but sturdy frame of 1-1/4″ anodized aluminum tubing that snaps together in minutes for amazingly easy, tool-free assembly. Each kit is then packed in a soft carrying bag for maximum portability and convenience.

  • Anodized aluminum snap-lock frame
  • Single or double-sided stretch pillowcase graphic
  • Industrial zipper for security and strength
  • Soft carrying bags included with all kits (case upgrades available)
  • Selection of accessories including hard cases, graphic podiums, lights and more
  • 8ft Tension Fabric Display – Curved

    From $290.00
  • 8ft Tension Fabric Display – Straight

    From $400.00
  • 10ft Tension Fabric Display – Curved

    From $315.00
  • 10ft Tension Fabric Display – Straight

    From $400.00
  • 20ft Tension Fabric Display – Curved

    From $800.00
  • 20′ x 8′ Backwall Tension Fabric Display Straight

    From $715.00
  • ,

    8ft Tension Fabric Table Top Display

    From $240.00
  • ,

    6ft Tension Fabric Table Top Display

    From $220.00

EZ Extends Banner Stands

Expedite your banner stand setup time while adding lavish appeal with our newest Tension Fabric Displays the Tension Fabric Banners! Hardware comes stock at 7.5ft tall with width options of 2ft-5ft and height options of 5.5ft, 8.5ft, and 9.5ft. Customize a single-sided or double-sided dye- sublimated stretch fabric print. To assemble, secure the longest vertical poles onto the black steel base using the included allen wrench. Add the bottom horizontal support pole and secure. Snap on the remaining vertical poles, then top frame with the curved bar to complete. Tilt or lay down Tension Fabric Banners to swiftly drape with the pillowcase graphic. Using the industrial-size zipper, zip underneath the bottom support pole, maximizing fabric tension.

  • 2ft EZ Extends Banner Stand

    From $160.00
  • 3ft EZ Extends Banner Stand

    From $200.00
  • 4ft EZ Extends Banner Stand

    From $240.00
  • 5ft EZ Extends Banner Stand

    From $105.00
  • 3ft EZ Extends Circle Banner Stand

    From $130.00
  • 7ft EZ Extends Circle Banner Stand

    From $215.00
  • Economy EZ Extends Banner Stand

    From $55.00
  • 5ft EZ Extends Circle Banner Stand

    From $165.00

EZ Extends Banner Stands

Introducing the new Back Wall Displays, a portable unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Your exhibitors will be in awe of its’ mighty size! You’ll need a friend to help you set it up, but don’t let this giant dissuade you–it’s a completely tool free set-up! Using the same framework as our line of Skybox hanging banners, set up is a snap! With push button snap locks, the tubes connect together. Use it vertically, stretching tall like a tower, or horizontally as a barrier. Fabric envelops the whole frame, and zips shut at the top, creating a soft, seamless look. Printed graphics available on front, back, and all 4 sides.  Hanging Hardware for 15ft or higher displays:  For any Back Wall Displays 15ft or higher, it is recommended to secure the Back Wall Displays to the ceiling using the same hanging hardware as used for our line of Skybox hanging banners.  Accessories sold separately.

  • 8' x 10' Back Wall Display8'x 10' Tall Wall Box Fabric Wall
    8'x 10' Tall Wall Box Fabric Wall

    8′ x 10′ Back Wall Display

    From $730.00
  • 10′ x 8′ Back Wall Display

    From $730.00
  • 15' x 10' Back Wall Display15' x 10' Tall Wall Box Fabric Wall
    15' x 10' Tall Wall Box Fabric Wall

    15′ x 10′ Back Wall Display

    From $1,120.00
Tension Fabric Displays Premium Banner

Our Exhibit Design Series section is the place to go for a large selection of customized Exhibit Design Series.  You can customize  to create a display to meet your needs.  Below are some examples, click on the images for more information.

Exhibit Design Series
trade show dividers
Exhibit Design Series
Multi-Panel Tension Fabric Kits