Portable Illuminated Banners & Displays

Portable Backlit Displays for Tradeshows

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  • Pop Up Illuminated Counter

  • 3’x8′ Pop Up Illuminated Display

  • 8′ Pop Up Illuminated Display Double-sided

  • 10x10ft Pop Up Illuminated Wall

  • Pop Up Illuminated Arch

  • 20’x15′ Pop Up Illuminated Booth


Aluminum Tool-Free Portable Backlit System

Airborne Visuals’ Portable SEG LED Illuminated Signs are an extremely impressive way to introduce your company to future clients. This innovative design provides a SEG display that is easier to set up. Choose from single-sided or double-sided graphics, with an option to add endcaps on the sides of the wall display. To set up the Light Wall, simply expand the frame, add the SEG channel bars around the perimeter, add the ladder lights, insert the SEG graphics into the grooves and press in.  Setup can be done by 1 person and in less than 10 minutes.
This light-box sets the mood for your entire booth, displaying your companies color to the entire room. Purchase your fully customizable Portable SEG LED Illuminated Sign today!


Eye-Catching Illuminated Displays

SEG Portable Illuminated Displays have a new and ingenious lighting system that will speed up the assembly of your backlight.

The Ladder Light System for Backlit Displays are completely tool-less. This LED structure has a hook system that allows it to be attached to the aluminum frame of the backlit. The cables are hidden from view, covered from end to end by custom SEG fabric with graphics, which are located at the front and back of the structure. Once the lights are added, all that’s left is to connect them to the power source, and the Backlit Wall is ready to highlight your stand.


Ladder Light System
Ladder Light System
Ladder Lights System
Ladder Light System
Ladder Light System

Our Custom Backlit Panels can be created to fit any size or situation.
Can be wall mounted, free standing, and even hung from the ceiling.

Light Box Displays Premium Banner

Get Illuminated Signs and Backdrops Through Us

When your business is setting up for an event, it is important that you set up illuminated banners and illuminated displays so that you get the attention of all who come to the event. The use of digital interactive displays can help your business get people to notice it and to notice all that you have set up in your booth. You can set up a booth for your business that features a huge backlit trade show display and that shows that your business is modern and that it cares about its presentation. We offer the portable digital signage display that you are seeking, and we offer illuminated backdrops and other pieces that can help your business stand out when it is part of an event.

When you are looking for lightbox rentals, you want to add to the booth you are setting up for your business without investing too much money. We can give you a portable backlit banner for a low price. We will be fair when offering you illuminated banners and illuminated displays. We offer LED video wall rentals for a low cost, illuminated SEG sign options, and affordable portable illuminated displays.

It is important for you to be able to get your illuminated banners to your booth on your own, and our illuminated banners feature a lightweight design. Our custom backlit panels and portable digital signage display can be transported easily. Additionally,  our trade show hanging banners and illuminated displays are easy to get set up. We know that you have a lot on your mind when preparing for an event, and we want it to be easy for you to put together a backlit trade show display.

You are going to be part of different events that will offer you different amounts of space to set up your backlit trade show display. We offer illuminated banners and illuminated backdrops in a variety of sizes. We make sure that you can get an illuminated SEG sign in a size that will work well for the specific event that you are attending. Our team can help you create a light box trade show display that will fit the space you are being given, and we will set you up with the power to create portable illuminated displays that are the perfect size.

If you are unsure how you want to set up your booth, we can give you trade show flooring ideas and set you up with illuminated backdrops that will help you figure that out. Our team is eager to give you a portable backlit banner or outdoor flying banner that is perfect for the event you are going to be a part of, and we are always excited to help you out. We can help you put together the perfect backlit trade show displays, and offer a variety of options for you to select from. We enjoy coming up with unique ways for you to put together displays to go and how to help you use illuminated displays to get noticed.

You might have questions regarding our illuminated SEG sign. If you do, we are more than willing to hear them and answer them for you. You might wonder about the difference between the portable digital signage display that we offer and other offerings that you have seen. We can help you learn about digital signage displays vs consumer TVs, and we can let you know how all of our offerings will benefit you. Our team is not afraid of your portable digital signage display questions, and it is easy for you to get in touch with us if you are looking for answers. You can rely on us to get you set up with a portable backlit banner, and you can trust us to give you advice regarding portable illuminated displays. If you have an event coming up and you are feeling a little nervous about how you are going to represent your business at that event, talk to our team and get our ideas for how you can get the word out about all that your business is and all that it offers. Trust us to give you a portable backlit banner and so much more.