4-in-1 Smart Sanitizer Station

•  Checks Temperature

•  Sanitizes Hands

•  Fully Interactive Content

•  Cloud Based Management

Forge ahead with real-time communication.

Drive ENGAGEMENT for a Safer & Better workplace.

Productivity with greater employee engagement
Workplace Injury with health and safety information
Increase in Brand awareness

A single, ALL-IN-ONE Station to EDUCATE and IMPLEMENT Covid prevention measures.

Communicate clearly and visibly on social distancing protocols in effect inside the building.

Easily deploy Health Check points at strategic entry locations with temperature scan and hand sanitizer practices.


What’s new? Create fresh inspiring contents to help bring POSITIVE changes.

What have you been up to? Providing fresh contents that motivate and inspire creates a happier work environment.

Be a calming voice inside your organization to keep everyone focused on goals and tasks at hands.

Unified platform with customized content for each market or specific timing.

Cloud-based management allows you to remotely create and dispatch highly targeted contents based on the time of the day or week and customized to the specific market.

Boost engagement for improved internal communication and greater brand awareness.

Employees, customers, patients, guests, members need to be reminded of what your organization stands for: its core values, its goals, its vision.



Smart Heavy-Duty Hand-sanitizer Dispenser

  • Premium, durable full metal housing (no plastic parts)
  • Touchless Refillable Auto Dispenser
  • Smart Sensor: Red Light indicates when refill needed
  • Standard High capacity for Gel/Liquid sanitizer tank (3,000 ml)
  • Optional Foam nozzle with tank (1,000 ml)
  • Lockable door for easy refill.



InfraRed Temperature Sensor

  • Contactless with Adjustable distance of measuring (approx. 3″ from wrist)
  • Quick 2-3 seconds scanner.
  • Audio and Visual alerts for temperature above normal.
  • Not connected to Android Screen / CMS.



21.5” High Performance Interactive Screen :

  • Android 7.1 OS with Capacitive HD Touchscreen
  • Rockchip RK3399: Low power, High performance 6-core
  • RAM: 4GB – Internal memory : 16GB
  • WIFI/WLAN connection (optional 3G/4G)
  • Ultra Bright 1080 HD Screen  500cd/m2
  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • Integrated low powered dual speakers
  • 5MP Front Camera with dynamic range and wide angle



Cloud-based Content Management Software:

  • Enterprise Grade Signage Software (CMS) for kiosk mode.
  • Engage your Audience in real time from your browser at the office or home.

Learn about non-invasive Temperature Scan

Play Sign Digital Content SoftwareReal-time ENGAGEMENT at multiple locations from your browser.

Introducing the ultimate Content Management Software CMS powered by smart features.

Use with all your Digital Signage devices:
Windows | Apple | Android | Chrome | Amazon | Linux
Windows OS Digital Signage
Mac Digital Signage
Android Device Digital Signage
ChromeBook Digital Signage
Amazon Device Digital Signage
Linux Device Digital Signage

Easily manage your Smart Displays from anywhere. Anytime. 

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Healthcare facilities can use digital signage to integrate with check-in system, show patients waiting times or simply LIVE tv, news etc.

Waiting for a doctor’s appointment can be stressful. Why not make it more comfortable with digital signage?.

The health of your patients is your top priority: express it by displaying useful information about your clinic, showing helpful everyday health tips and more.

Integrate with your check-in system, show patients waiting times or simply LIVE tv, news etc.


When touching the industry for education we’ve noticed they’ve become more and more creative when adding digital screens to class-rooms, hall ways and even big area screens like LED pylons and billboards around campus. We live in a modern age and our educational facilities provide learning to young and innovative people, so we better stay ahead of them to make sure they have the knowledge they need where ever they need it.

Campus bookstore, advertising/branding, visual paging system, campus emergency alerts are just a few awesome suggestions for educational institutions.

Help teachers educate better and give students the chance to learn more effectively.

You can show live broadcasts like schools’ daily or morning news, as well as content from other sources.


Doesn’t matter where you are in the food industry, every restaurant, take-away, drive-in or bar want’s customers to be able to find what they need and show them what they don’t know they want.

Maximize your sales by cross-selling, advertising daily share bets, promoting campaigns etc. The Digital Menu Boards make communication visual, flexible and attractive. In addition, the information and commercial messages can easily be updated or replaced in an instant.

Outdoor digital menu boards make it easy to create menus.

Gyms and Spas

Gyms and Spas is somewhat a super unique industry. Both of them have people coming in and out of their stores and both of them want customers to know about special upcoming events, offers and other relevant basic knowledge like pricing, opening hours, etc.

Digital Signage can provide a great visual display for gyms, spas & fitness clubs. Display relevant content while the members are working out. Entertain members with an ever-changing stream of live and relevant information.

Digital signage in the gym is a highly effective way of promoting activities and classes that current customers might not know about.

A great way to introduce staff. Profiles of personal trainers displayed on your screens so that users can feel familiar with your staff.

Retail Locations

If you’re in the retail business and you haven’t put up digital screen in your store, the time has come. Maybe you looking to up your revenue in general or perhaps on curtain items around the store, well we might be able to help you out finding a solution.

Sometimes customers need to be dazzled or simply enlightened to find more stuff they need. In retail, you often find that customers search for something specific, but you could show them new trends, popular products, product videos etc. to encourage them to purchase more.

Digital product catalogs, reviews or interactive engagement can offer customers better shopping experience.

Video-walls and large screens can mean the difference between a customer walking by and a customer entering your store.

Airports, Subways, Public Transportation

Nowadays the transportation industri covers a huge range of businesses. Transport by rails, air, water, road all have one thing in common, they all have large masses of people traveling with them. In addition this industry have other use-cases where digital signage works really great.

Transportation is everywhere and in so many industries. They all include people having to wait for something. How about making peoples waiting time interesting, enlightening and maybe even fun.

Show nearby attractions as vehicles pass through specific geo-locations.

Change content live, based on audience demographics to ensure targeted advertisements.


Digital signage in the hospitality industry is an easy way of facilitating visitor inquiries and desires.

Showing content in atria, lobbies, hotel rooms, restaurant and elevators can make your guests stay a bit more comfortable. You get to show them what you offer and perhaps attract more guests in areas of your hotel where they normally wouldn’t have gone.

Digital Signage in the hospitality industry is an easy way of facilitating visitor inquiries and desires. Offer interactive content to allow your guests to conveniently access floorplans and to guide them in the right direction.

Digital signage outdoors is opening up opportunities to begin the conversation with guests from a mile away or more.Video walls located in the hotel lobby can offer a “wow” factor to impress guests. Create an atmosphere of being on the cutting edge of technology. In addition, lobby signage can be used to inform hotel guests about nearby restaurants and shops as well as ways to get around.

Churches and Houses of Worship

Churches and Houses of Worship have been starting to add digital signage for a couple of years. You might find a digital sign outside the a church keeping you updated on what’s going on in the church. Some have even added digital signage inside the church making planning easier for the people working at the church.

As houses of worship increasingly look for ways to engage members and attract new people, many are embracing a more visual approach.

With more emphasis being placed on the entertainment aspects of worship, the cinematic elements of a service are becoming a distinguishing factor.

The dramatic imagery provided by digital display can complement the sounds of a choir or band, captivating audiences, evoking personal experiences and creating a lasting impact with congregations.

General Advertising

Advertising is a big thing for almost any corporation around the world – ​Our digital signage software enables you to update your company’s message or advertising campaign with just a few clicks of the button.

Our world is increasingly going digital, and that includes the advertising industry. Billboards are undergoing an extreme makeover as more and more marketers, businesses, and billboard owners adopt outdoor digital signage. This enables content creators to use more dynamic imaging which better stands out with unique and bright signs that engage targeted audience.

Our digital signage software enables you to update your company’s message or advertising campaign with just a few clicks of the button. Were you holding a contest and finally picked the winner? No problem, just alter your content. Have a new sale or product launch you want to promote? Just a matter of updating. Want to show your local pride by congratulating your local high school on winning a hockey championship? Again, it’s never been easier than with digital signage.