Custom Logo Carpets

Print Your Brand on Carpets & Vinyl Flooring 

Minimum order amount on all custom flooring is $2,000. Freight Shipping on 10ft flooring starts at $325

Custom Printed Flooring for Trade Show Events 

Printed Felt Carpet

custom logo carpets

Printed Carpet

Custom Printed Carpet

Logo Inlay Carpet

Logo Inlay Carpet

Printed Vinyl Floor

Custom Vinyl Flooring

Custom Floor Mats

Custom Carpet Mat

Custom Printed Carpet on Felt material: $14.00 / Sq.ft.

Minimum order amount on this dye sublimation flooring is $1,000.

(8-10 Business Days Lead Time)

Fast Turnaround · HD Full Color Dye Sublimation · Beautiful colors

This is thin, felt type carpet with built-in anti-slippery rubber backing that is available in maximum roll size of 10’ wide x 50′.

  • Pros: Prints in 8-10 business days with HD quality images.  Easy to install/unroll with rubber back.
  • Cons: Max lifespan: 3 events depending on traffic, colors, duration….

Heavy-duty Printed Carpet: $9.00 per Sq.ft.

Minimum order amount on all custom flooring is $2,000. 

8 to 10 weeks lead time

Plush commercial-grade Carpet · High Quality Print · Low Cost · Durable

This is the type of custom designed commercial-grade carpet used in bowling alleys, recreation centers and hotel lobbies. Can print almost any design/color on a 12′ wide carpet available in 4 different grades. There is a $125 artwork set up fee. Shipping tubes are $285 each. Carpet padding is $2.00 per sq/ft. Freight Shipping will be custom quoted as prices can vary.

  • Pros: Lasts 5-7 years in commercial settings because the dye goes to the base of the fiber, adding durability.
  • Cons: 5 weeks for production from the day that you approve the artwork.

Logo Inlay Carpet & Rugs

Minimum order amount on all custom flooring is $1,000. 

Thick Carpet · Vector art only · High Quality · Very Durable

We cut and re-seam different colors of 30 oz. or 50 oz. carpet to make geometric designs, place logos in carpet and many other types of designs. This process is used for more simple vector designs, because the carpet is actually multiple dyes of carpet stitched together to form your companies’ logo.  Contact us for pricing.

  • Pros: Inlays can be produced in 5-7 business days and are reusable, we can also provide custom PMS colors for an additional charge and an additional 1-2 weeks. Can Incorporate vinyl, turf, etc. Carving Available.  Produced for any size from 10′ x 10′ to over 150′ x 150′.
  • Cons: Highly detailed patterns and images are difficult to produce using an inlay.

Surface Printed Vinyl Floor

Minimum order amount on all custom flooring is $1,000. 

(8-10 Business Days Lead Time – BR)

HD Quality Print · Fast Turnaround time · PMS colors matches

Print any photos or patterns on top of rollable white vinyl. This 10’ wide vinyl is designed to absorb ink, which makes it ideal for the trade show and event industry. The price is based on 10’ widths. Reusable cardboard shipping tubes at $140.00 each.

  • Pros: Turnaround time  5-7 business days.  PMS color match. Highest quality ink vibrancy.
  • Cons: Print is less durable than the reverse printed vinyl because the printing is on top of the actual surface.

Reverse Printed Vinyl Flooring

Minimum order amount on all custom flooring is $1,000. 

(8-10 Business Days Lead Time)

High Durability · Fast Turn around time · PMS colors – BR/InT

This is the most durable printed product in the industry. We start with a 75 mil clear 10’ wide vinyl and reverse print direct to surface on the back, then apply 2-3 coats of white ink to limit bleed through. This product is used in museums, retail, high traffic areas and of course for trade shows and events.

  • Pros: Can be produced in 5-7 business days, it’s very durable and reusable, can be used outdoors and can be produced with custom PMS colors.
  • Cons: Not quite as bright printing as the surface printed vinyl. Can be heavy in large sizes.

New! Printing on top of “in-stock” floors

Minimum order amount on all custom flooring is $1,000. 

Fast Turnaround · Combine with existing patterns/textures

We can take any of our pre-made/pre-rolled textured vinyl flooring and print directly on top of the vinyl. This is highly useful if you need to print on a texture such as grass, wood, metallic surfaces, patterns, etc.

  • Pros: Can be produced in 5-7 business days.
  • Cons: lifespan: of 3 or more events depending on traffic, colors, duration….

Printed Logo Mats

(3 Business Days Lead Time)

Carpet or Vinyl · Fast Turnaround · Pre-Cut Shapes/Sizes

Our Custom Carpet and Vinyl Floor Mats come in several shapes and sizes. These mats shine when it comes to durability and are a cost effective solution to your companies branding needs. Some sizes of our most popular mats are 4’x6′, 3’x5′, 3’x10′, but we can also print a 10’x10′ square and a 9′ circle mat.

  • Pros: Lead Time is 3 days plus shipping. Images are bright, can be full color, and are high quality prints.
  • Cons: Not the best solution if you need flooring in precise dimensions.

Indoor Logo Mats

Indoor Logo Mats

Outdoor Logo Mats

Custom Floor Mats

Indoor Vinyl Mats

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10′ x 10′ Kit Starts at: $975.00    ·    10′ x 20′ Kit Starts at: $1,645

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