COVID-19 Office READINESS Essentials

Let’s keep Everyone SAFE and INFORMED.

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Will you be READY to OPEN your workplace?

Digital Sanitizer Kiosks · Hand Sanitizer Stands · Logo Face Masks · Office Partitions · Pandemic Printed Flooring

Protection against
airborne droplets

Custom Printed Deluxe Mask

Provide non-medical, washable face masks to all employees and guests.

and Inform

Smart Sanitizer Kiosk v1

With Smart, flexible technology that is easy to deploy and manage using Cloud CMS software.

Social Distancing

Social Distance Floor

Means reorganizing and optimizing the use of spaces as well as encouraging implementation with signs, floor markings and partitions whenever possible.


Digital Sanitizer Kiosk V2

Reduce the risk of spreading from contaminated surface to the individuals by maintaining numerous hand sanitizer stations throughout buildings.


Thermal Reader

Frequent and regular health screening can help identify symptomatic individuals with temperature check using binocular thermal sensor technology.

Covid Essentials

Long term problems require planning and investing in smart solutions: Covid is likely to come back in winter and is here to stay for a while. By now, anyone experiencing COVID symptoms (fever, loss of smell and taste… etc.) or who has been in contact with an infected person SHOULD KNOW to immediately self-isolate and inform your workplace and immediate circle.

Most people will have mild symptoms and recover quickly. By following guidelines and protocols, transmission should therefore be limited. However, we have identified 2 risk-factors that can be mitigated but not completely eliminated.

Cause - effects of covid19

Smart Sanitizer Digital Kiosk

Keep Employees and Visitors GERM-FREE and INFORMED.

Our NEW Digital Sanitizer combines a multimedia display kiosk with a smart sanitizing dispenser solution. Smart, full HD 1080P digital kiosk with automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. Ideal for Office Buildings, Restaurants & Hotels, Colleges & Schools, Retail & Public Space, Government Agencies, Airports and more.

Easy Setup  ·  Premium Metal Design  ·   Non-Contact Hand Cleaning  ·  Wifi Updated Content (CMS)  ·  Touch Screen Enabled

Customize your brand on your stand for maximum impact.

Ultra-Modern, Sleek, High-Quality Design. Contact us to purchase your today.

Hand Sanitizer Stands with Custom Sign

We have put together a list of Hand Sanitizer Stands designed to remind everyone to be vigilant thanks to integrated printed signs while providing easy to move, hand sanitizer supply at the locations of your choice.  Some of these stands can blend with your office environment with large custom printed area as well as integrated interactive electronic devices.

Custom Logo Face Mask

EXPOSE your Brand, Not your HEALTH.  

High quality, non-medical grade, reusable face masks are made of premium fabric and carbon filters to comfortably fit with elastic ear straps that adjust to your ahead and a nose clipper.  They are perfect for your employees and customers as well as promotional giveaways.

Deluxe Printed Masks

Top-Notch Quality Face Masks, great for your
employees to wear daily as part of the uniform.

Minimum Quantity 50

Custom Logo Mask

Each mask comes with a PM2.5 filter.
Fully custom printed with elastic ear loops.

Minimum Quantity 100

Adjustable Giveaway Mask

These are fully custom printed, 4 layer masks.
No filter included.

Minimum Quantity 100

Logo Printed Face Mask

PM2.5 Filter Specs:

  • “Particulate Matter” (PM), describes extremely small solid particles and liquid droplets suspended in air.
  • 2.5 is a micron measurement of particles so small they can get inhaled and absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Virus particles are spherical in shape with an average width of 0.12 microns. They can range in size from 0.06–0.14 microns.

Body Temperature Detection System

Infrared Scanner quickly identifies visitors with fever symptoms

Accurately Detects Temperature, Smart Facial Recognition, Easy Setup, Non-Contact


  • 8-inch HD LCD display
  • Waterproof and dustproof design with several choices of floor/desktop/wall mounts
  • Accurate 1 second face recognition (works while wearing face mask)
  • Dynamic camera with night infrared and LED dual fill light
  • Optional features: ID card reader, fingerprint reader, IC card reader, 2D barcode reader, etc.

Protective Barrier Kits and Partitions

Protective Office Partitions for reception desk and common area

We will need to maintain our distances at the workplace.  But some of us are more exposed and these protective barriers or partitions will help keep each other safe.

  • Receptionist Partition Barrier: help your receptionist safely welcome visitors, messengers and so on.
  • Cafeteria, cubicles, breakrooms partitions: limit employees exposure especially when they are eating and congregating together.
  • Cashier or customer service station:  protect the staff during their daily tasks and interactions with others.

Easy to install and available in standard or custom sizes, these partitions can be quicly deployed to your organization and be ready for business.

Social Distancing Floor Marking

Floor decals encourage social distancing, traffic flow, and communicate important messages for your clients and employees.

Covid-19 Additional Items

Budget Friendly · Fast Turnaround · Quality Custom Prints