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Things are looking brighter at Condé Nast for 2020

Condé Nast hired airborne visuals to provide LED Backlit SEG Signs as elegant, budget conscious and eco-friendly solutions to brighten their office hallways with a mix of colorful artworks and B&W logos for its World Trade Center HQ in NYC.

Custom SEG Backlit display: an affordable and elegant LED lightbox solution.

For quite some time now, Airborne visuals has been working with aluminum extrusions and SEG graphics offering backlit illuminated custom displays for clients going to trade shows (StubHub, JVC Kenwood ) or for their office space (Heineken USA HQ in White Plains, NY).

Our latest project was completed in December 2019 when all 14 floors at the CondéNast HQ inside the One  World Trade Center were outfitted by airborne visuals with wall-mounted backlit extrusion aluminum frames.  Custom powder-coated in matte black and pre-assembled with LED lights modules, the lightboxes can be simply plugged in to standard 120V outlet.  The back side of the lightbox frame is fully enclosed by an opaque fabric block out to prevent lumens leakage and provide maximum brightness to the SEG front panel.

A minimalist, frameless aesthetic with beautiful removable backlit prints.

SEG is the acronym for Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) describing the silicone or plastic strip sewn around the perimeter of the fabric print.  Once the silicone edge is inserted into the groove of the aluminum extrusion frame, the print fits perfectly flat and can be easily removed/updated without tools.

The black & white logos are to announce the brands located on each floor.  The other lightboxes showcase artworks and photographs beaming rich and bright colors from the black corridors.  As the bright B&W logos and bold CMYK artworks face each other, they reflect and bounce off the high-gloss wall panels, glass doors and floors creating a mirror effect.  The 4” deep aluminum profile is ADA compliant and only noticeable when facing the wall at an angle.  It makes the illuminated display virtually frameless with an unobstructed focus on the artwork.

Direct UV printing vs Dye Sublimation on textile for enhanced, colorful contrast.

The combination of UV cured inks and specialty fabric specifically made for backlit application achieved the deepest and richest tones that made the photos and logos come to life with stunning contrast.  In nomadic setups such as trade shows or events, we tend to favor Dye Sublimation printing process because SEG fabrics can be folded without leaving crisps or kinks in the textured ink layer.  UV prints can be more fragile and need to be carefully rolled onto a cardboard tube for shipping after the dismantle of your exhibit.

Stay Bright. At the office or On-the-Go with free-standing Backlit displays.

Are you looking for Illuminated Displays?  We can help you with either permanent wall-mounted LED lightboxes for your space or with event-friendly portable free-standing SEG backlit displays.

Contact us at (212) 966-4905  for a quick estimate and turn around time.

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