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Amazing Tension Fabric Exhibits
Starting at $795.00

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3D Fabric Display Stand
with graphic & case: $417.00

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Banner Backpack

Banner Backpack Banner Backpack Banner Backpack


Use our Banner Backpack in any crowded location such as shopping malls, outdoor store fronts and special events to catch attention. Display your advertising message in a new manner with a single or double sided custom banner!

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy assembly and completely hands free
  • Flexible: change the graphic easily
  • Pocket to hold brochures or business cards
  • Many styles and shapes available


  • Single reverse (SR): Single sided print, through print to reverse side, finishing specific to item
  • Single sided (SS): Single sided print, no through print, cut sides, one grommet per corner
  • Double sided (DS): Two prints sewn together with blocking inner liner to achieve a double-sided positive flag, sides are pillow case style hemmed on inside, printed flag material sleeve on left side, one grommet at bottom

Shipping from PA and handling not included. Prices subject to change without notice. Double-sided flags and banners will not be 100% opaque and may not last as long as single reverse printed flags and banners. We will not accept complaints based on flag life/durability or non-opaque nature of double-sided flags and banners.

Quantities are per image and prices are per piece:
Product Finish and/or Shape Billboard Flag Wind Sail
SR Only SR DS Flying SR Flying DS Drop SR Drop DS
Download Templates Billboard 2.2' Flag
3' Flag
2.2' Flag
3' Flag
Drop Drop
1 piece $308.00 $302.00 $307.00 $336.00 $340.00 $336.00 $340.00
2 pieces $208.00 $202.00 $207.00 $236.00 $330.00 $236.00 $300.00
3-4 pieces $174.00 $169.00 $202.00 $231.00 $320.00 $212.00 $284.00
5-9 pieces $165.00 $150.00 $194.00 $222.00 $315.00 $204.00 $279.00
10-19 pieces $160.00 $145.00 $187.00 $213.00 $291.00 $196.00 $267.00
20+ pieces $148.00 $135.00 $157.00 $181.00 $242.00 $170.00 $219.00
Hardware only: $94.00 – Add $33.00 for the XS pole set (Wind Sail only) – Discounts on quantities

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