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The Best Acrylic Partitions to Keep Your Employees Safe

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that there’s a need for acrylic partitions and privacy screens. Acrylic partitions are one of the best methods for limiting the exposure of employees to illnesses that can shut down the entire business. Besides acting as great sneeze guards, acrylic glass partitions can also have other great benefits. At Airborne Visuals, we strive to make products that can keep your employees safe and help grow your brand. Here’s why you should invest in our acrylic partition screens.

Whether you need acrylic partition walls or acrylic partition panels, we can help. Both acrylic partitions are effective in acting as sneeze guards. They can keep customers who are infected from infecting your employees. One of the best things about our acrylic partition walls and acrylic partition panels is that they can be used practically anywhere.

Instead of just a simple sneeze guards that only cover the face, our acrylic partition screens and acrylic partition panels cover a wider space. This further ensures that your employee is safe in the area that they’re working.

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Our Acrylic Partition Walls Can Be Used Practically Anywhere

Our acrylic glass partitions can be used at cash registers and other areas where employees must directly interact with customers.

We even have acrylic office partitions that can be securely placed inside of office spaces. For businesses with offices, an acrylic office partition is crucial to ensuring that your employees don’t infect one another. Even if someone is infected at home, they can bring the virus to their office and infect everyone they encounter there. Acrylic office partitions ensure that your entire office can stay COVID-free.

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Safeguard Rooms With Acrylic Partition Screens

Just like our custom printed mask, our acrylic partitions can also be a great way to grow your brand. Because acrylic glass partitions can be such large pieces, that’s wasted space if you’re not using it effectively. Adding in your logo, company slogan, or an image of your choosing on your acrylic glass partitions can be a great way to further advertise your business. When customers interact with your employees through the acrylic partitions’ screens, they’ll be reminded of what business has their health in mind.

Create Advertising Private Areas

Acrylic screens can also be used as effective room dividers. If you need to break up space in a room so all of your customers can stay six feet away from one another, then our acrylic partition screens and privacy screens are perfect. Not only can you create rooms with our acrylic partition screens, but you can also use the large space afforded by the room dividers to advertise.

Whether your customers are standing in the area that the acrylic glass partitions created or next to it, they’ll see your logo all over them.

Check Out Our Acrylic Partitions

Whether you want to them as privacy screens, room dividers, or simply to keep your employees safe and healthy, our acrylic partitions are high-quality and great for advertising. Simply inform us what you want to be placed on the partitions, and you have a new marketing strategy.