3D Hologram animated Booth at WORLDSymposium 2022

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3D Hologram animated Booth at WORLDSymposium 2022

3d hologram video animation loading.  Click on above image to start or click here to open in YouTube

Get the show’s attention using 3D holograms at your next Trade Show

3D Hologram projection is a futuristic and increasingly popular way to display 3D medical animations at pharmaceutical or scientific conferences.

At the WORLDSymposium 2022, Random42 creative agency needed a small 10’x10′ trade show booth to showcase newly designed 3D medical video contents for exhibitor RegenX.

3D Trade Show Hologram

High-end 3D Animation can be at your next scientific or pharmaceutical conference!

The exhibit stand designed by Airborne Visuals integrates 6 HyperVsn holographic fans shielded behind a clear plexiglass shield. The booth is built with the Aluvision frame system mounted with white DiBond panels and custom printed SEG fabrics. It also includes a locking closet space with a TV playing other 3d animations and a large welcome reception desk with RegenX backlit logo on the front. The result is a futuristic and elegant 10×10 trade show booth boasting stunning 3D hologram of medical animation that bring traffic and conversations.

Enhanced 3D holographic viewing experience.

Instead of a solid backwall, we built a free standing “tree” structure allowing the Hypervsn™ wall fans to be mounted on each side. We then built a 9’ circular platform in laminated wood to support the tree and allow room for cable management. We also created an 8’x8’x4’ transparent encasing using large ½” plexiglass panels connected by chrome hardware so as to prevent anyone from getting hit by the rotating fans… yes, these can hurt.

Let us set it up – TURN-KEY!

Supervision and Union Labor with Local installation crew available for complete turn-key service.

The above diagrams show how the fans are mounted on a wall following a precise pattern with a slight overlap. Once the media box is loaded with 3d video and the fans activate, each LED fan start projecting the video onto the rotating blades, displaying a full scale 3D Hologram animation.

    Click here to see our LED Video Wall Booth!

    Tradeshow LED Video Wall Booth
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