3D Exhibit Shapes: Towers, Arches and Walls

Displays to go portable towers

3D Exhibit Shapes: Towers, Arches and Walls can draw attention and captivate your audience at a trade show, event or a more permanent setting by creating a unique aesthetic in any booth or interior space with tension fabric structures. These portable displays combine organic and architectural shapes with lightweight, sturdy aluminum tubes and state-of-the-art dye sublimation stretch fabric to create dynamic and functional event layouts. Mix and match with our other tension fabric displays and back walls to create a truly customized look for your next conference or trade show.

Easily create and define a stunning entryway, focal point or stage set at your next trade show or event with Exhibit Shapes: Arches & Walls. The latest developments in fabric printed technology combine with gently curved frames to create cozy and stylish conference areas in any space.  These super structures combine pillowcase-style stretch fabric graphics with curved 50mm aluminum tube frames. Made in the USA; custom sizes also available.

Some of 3D Exhibit Shapes are also available for rental: consider renting one of our arches, towers or dividers to create delimited branded spaces at an event or exhibit! Available in your choice of full color print, solid color fabric (23 color options!) or black or white fabric. For more information and pricing, see our Tower Displays Rental page.


These tall Tower Displays with 3D Shapes can be branded on a large scale with stunning, vibrant graphics visible from all angles with small footprint. An excellent way to communicate your message in lobbies, showrooms, retail stores, shopping malls, airports, trade shows.

  • Tower displays are very easy to setup
  • Ship compact with  included wheeled cases.
  • Optional internal LED lighting (not included).
  • See our custom tension fabric shapes and sizes.
  • Square and Round Display Towers: available in 12′, 10′ and 8′, combines the latest developments in fabric printed technology with a sturdy, lightweight aluminum tube frame.
  • Funnel Display Towers in 20′, 16′ and 12′ High, features 3.5′ diameter, heavy duty, wooden base and silver powder coated truss interior. Tension fabric graphic features a top zipper and a silicone edge at the bottom for easy assembly.
  • New 16′ iPad Funnel and 10′ TV Shield Towers with mount (TV/iPads not included).
  • 8ft Tower Display - Round8ft Tower Display - Round

    8′ Tower Display – Round

  • 10ft Tower Display - RoundTrade Show Booth Rental

    10′ Tower Display – Round

  • 12ft Tower Display - Round

    12′ Tower Display – Round

  • 12ft Tower Display - Square12ft Tower Display - Round

    12′ Tower Display – Square

  • 10ft Tower Display - RoundTower Displays for rent

    10′ Tower Display – Square

  • 8ft Tower Display - Square8ft Tower Display - Round

    8′ Tower Display – Square

  • 12ft Tower Display - Funnel12ft Tower Display - Funnel

    12′ Tower Display – Funnel

  • 16ft Tower Display - FunnelTower Displays for rent

    16′ Tower Display – Funnel

  • 20ft Tower Display - Funnel20ft Tower Display - Funnel

    20′ Tower Display – Funnel

  • 16ft iPad Tower Display16ft iPad Tower Display

    16′ iPad Tower Display

  • 10′ Tower Display – Shield



Our Rotating Overhead Tower Display combines the eye-catching height and shape of a custom-printed hanging sign with three-dimensional appeal.  The most unique aspect is the overhead sign sits atop the tower so, NO RIGGING REQUIRED, and the overhead sign rotates on a built-in motor!  High quality dye sublimation.  Lightweight aluminum frame & included carrying bags make it easily portable from show to show.

INDUSTRIAL LOOK! Both the Tucana Truss Round Tower and Neptune Truss Square Tower are an ideal solution for a modern and eye catching display that looks custom made for a fraction of the cost.  Display your brand in a stylish and sophisticated way with clean design and high-quality graphics. 11′ high both structures stand above the rest and provides true 360° display. Both are easy to assemble thanks to the innovative truss design.


The Ultimate Portable LED Tower displays!

These Square and Round Lightweight Backlit Towers inflate in less than 15 seconds and provide you with a 360-degree branding experience in 3 impressive heights of 59″, 7.5 ft and 10.5 ft.


  • Study inflatable core with quick release air valve for easy inflation/deflation
  • Internal LED lights
  • Nylon carry bag for all your on-the go marketing needs
  • Custom-printed backlit S.E.G graphic
  • 500w Electric Air Pump


Design a unique aesthetic for any trade show booth or interior space with tension fabric structures to achieve a truly customized look for your next conference or trade show.  Create an ergonomically designed, semi-private meeting area in any trade show exhibit, special event, or interior environment! Tension Fabric Conference Walls are lightweight, stylish solutions to your meeting space needs.

  • 10' Fabric Exhibit Chip Shaped DividerChip Shaped Conference Wall

    10′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Chip

  • 12' Fabric Exhibit Arch12' Fabric Exhibit Arch

    12′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Arch

  • 10' Fabric Exhibit ArchTower Displays for rent

    10′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Arch

  • 20' Fabric Exhibit Arch20' Fabric Exhibit Arch

    20′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Arch

  • 30′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Arch

  • 20′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Twisted Arch

  • 8' Fabric Exhibit C-Shaped DividerTower Displays for Rent

    8′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: C-Shaped

  • ,

    20′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: S-Shaped

  • 15' Fabric Exhibit Treehouse Room15' Fabric Exhibit Treehouse Room

    15′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Tree House

  • 10' Fabric Exhibit Surf Wall Divider

    10′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Surf Wall

  • ,

    20′ 3D Exhibit Shapes: Tree Wall

  • 3D Exhibit Shape: Conference Wall3D Exhibit Shape: Conference Wall

    3D Exhibit Shapes: Conference Wall

Displays To Go

Our Portable Displays To Go Collection is designed around an affordable, fast and easy shopping experience.  The Trade Show Towers To Go  shown below features several Standard Tower displays available with quick turnaround from California or Pennsylvania facilities.

  • Trade Show Displays, Booth Ideas & Design10ft Round Tension Fabric Tower Frame

    10ft Round Tension Fabric Tower

  • Portable Displays To Go10ft Tension Fabric Tower - Square Frame

    10ft Square Tension Fabric Tower

  • Airborne-Visuals-12ft-by-5ft-Backlit-Trade-Show-TowerBacklit Exhibit Tower

    12′ H X 5′ W Square Trade Show Tower

  • 12 feet high by 6 feet wide 4-Sided Tower Graphic PackageBacklit Exhibit Tower

    12′ H x 6′ W Square Trade Show Tower

  • Airborne_Visuals_12_X_4_Backlit_Trade_Show_Tower_PackageBacklit Exhibit Tower

    12’H x 4’W Square Trade Show Tower

  • 14 feet High by 4 ft wide Backlit Trade Show TowerBacklit Exhibit Tower

    14′ H x 4′ W Square Trade Show Tower

  • The 14ft High by 5ft Wide Trade Show Tower features an aluminum frame, 4 SEG graphic panels and LED ladder lights for the backlit option.Backlit Exhibit Tower

    14’H x 5’W Trade Show Tower

  • Airborne-Visuals-14x6-non-backlit-trade-show-towerBacklit Exhibit Tower

    14’H X 6’W Trade Show Tower

  • Backlit Trade Show Tower with push-fit graphics, standard aluminum finish.Backlit Exhibit Tower

    16ft. High x 4ft. Wide Square Trade Show Tower

  • 16 ft. high x 5 ft. wide Backlit TowerBacklit Exhibit Tower

    16ft. High x 5ft. Wide Square Trade Show Tower

  • 16ft high by 6ft wide Backlit Trade Show TowerBacklit Exhibit Tower

    16ft. High x 6ft. Wide Square Trade Show Tower

  • X-Small Triangle Trade Show TowersX-Small Triangle Trade Show Towers - Frame

    2’W X 8’H Triangle Trade Show Tower