3D Anamorphic Video Booth at Los Angeles Convention Center

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3D Anamorphic Video Booth at Los Angeles Convention Center

Keiser’s Innovative 3D Anamorphic Video Wall Booth Steals the Show at IHRSA

Are you launching a new product? Unveiling the Future of Fitness: The M3i Studio Display

When it comes to fitness equipment, Keiser is a name synonymous with innovation and excellence. At the recent IHRSA event in Los Angeles, Keiser took center stage with their groundbreaking 3D Anamorphic Video Wall Booth, leaving attendees in awe.
Keiser Trade Show 3D Video Wall at IHRSA In Los Angeles

Spectacular Trade Show LED Wall inside a 40’x40′ booth

Imagine a colossal 30’x10’ LED wall that commands attention from every corner of the exhibition hall. Keiser’s booth featured this impressive display, showcasing their latest creation: the M3i Studio Display. But this was no ordinary LED screen—it was a canvas for striking 3D anamorphic videos that seemed to leap out of the wall.


Keiser 3D Anamorphic Trade show video wall at Los Angeles Convention Center width=

An Immersive Experience

Visitors were drawn to the mesmerizing animations that played on the LED wall. As the videos unfolded, they transported viewers into a world of fitness and excitement. But this wasn’t just about visual spectacle; it was about engagement. Attendees could participate in spinning classes right there, with Keiser’s cutting-edge products positioned strategically in front of the video wall.

Keiser Tradeshow video wall Demo Area width=


Tradeshow Video Booth Demo Area
Tradeshow Video Booth Demo Area

Behind the Scenes

Airborne Visuals’s LED technical team worked tirelessly behind the scenes. They not only set up the booth beforehand but also provided real-time support during the event. Thanks to their expertise, the main screen seamlessly switched between pre-recorded content and live feeds from multiple screens on each bike’s device.

A Thoughtful Booth Layout

Keiser’s booth design was as smart as their fitness equipment. The LED wall served as more than just eye candy—it acted as a functional divider. Positioned at the center of the booth, it separated the spinning class area from the weightlifting zone. Meanwhile, tables provided meeting spaces, allowing business discussions to flow smoothly.

Double the Impact

But wait, there’s more! Keiser didn’t stop at one LED wall. A second wall, identical in size, created a DOUBLE LED VIDEO WALL. Each side faced the corresponding area, playing content tailored to the space it served. It was a brilliant way to maximize impact and engage visitors on both sides of the booth.


Keiser 3D Anamorphic Trade show video wall at Los Angeles Convention Center width=
Anamorphic Video Client Review

“Good morning Airborne Visuals Team,
I wanted to email you and thank you for the incredible product and service that you made happen at IHRSA. The Keiser booth was by far the highlight of the show and we had more people stopping asking about the LED wall than our actual products.”

Mike H.

Mike H.Keiser Corp. VP Marketing - Keiser Corp.

Will you be at IHRSA next year?

The next IHRSA Convention will take place in Las Vegas from March 12-14, 2025. We are looking forward to bringing some more excitements and traffic to Keiser’s exhibit with updated 3D Video contents to be displayed on LED Video walls. 

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