20×20 LED Video Booth at AHIMA23 at Baltimore Convention Center

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20×20 LED Video Booth at AHIMA23 at Baltimore Convention Center

Unveiling the Success of Verisma’s Booth at AHIMA23 and a Glimpse into AHIMA24 in Salt Lake City

At AHIMA with one goal in mind: to captivate HIM audience with seamless integration of DuoDisplay Trade Show Video wall into a 20×30 booth design. 

At the Baltimore Convention Center, Airborne Visuals brought Verisma’s message to center stage during AHIMA23 with a dynamic trade show video booth. As we anticipate the upcoming AHIMA24 in Salt Lake City, let’s delve into the details of their success in Baltimore and what’s in store for the future.

Verisma, a trailblazer in health information management (HIM) solutions, simplifies the release of information. Derived from the Latin word for “truth,” Verisma’s commitment to transparency and accuracy is evident in every solution presented to clients. 

How Do we Design a Trade Show Video Wall? We don’t just add a LED video screen, we integrate it as part of our entire exhibit design approach using Duo frame system with SEG prints and P2.5 panoLED tiles. 

The fully integrated 20’x20′ booth stole the spotlight with below features: 

  • High-resolution 10’x8′ video wall with seamless LED tiles 
  • Custom printed SEG graphics mounted onto aluminum modular frame system 
  • Storage/closet with locking door
  • 2 x demo stations with flat TV monitors,
  • Comfortable lounge area surrounded by bright backlit walls contributing to the overall branding of the booth.
  • Triangular hanging sign for maximum visibility

Our service encompasses the entire event process — from meticulous planning and hassle-free logistics to on-site assistance throughout the event. We customize our designs to align with your vision, ensuring a memorable impact on each viewer and a unique experience at every venue.

We’re gearing up for AHIMA24 in Salt Lake City. The journey continues, and we invite you to be part of the experience. Ready to impress at AHIMA24? Reserve your rental for our immersive trade show video wall booth today.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey. Click here to explore more about our LED Video Wall Rentals and Trade Show LED Tiles

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